Breder Suasso | New Zealand

Offers Private and Corporate accounts services, Payment Cards and MasterCard services.

It is a Financial Service Provider (FSP) registered in New Zealand in the Financial Service Providers Register under number FSP360686. It offers services as a Financial Service Provider but is not offering services as a Registered Bank or as a licensed Non-Bank Deposit Taker. Breder Suasso is neither regulated nor supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand or the Financial Market Authority.

Package Services

Our Services include:

  • Completion of Account Opening forms and questionnaire
  • Preparation of package to be sent to the FSP for approval
  • Promoting the account opening and being in contact with the bank up until account opening.

Additional Services

We provide bank account management services, such as:

  • Account signatory services
  • Maintenance of account records and on-going monitoring
  • Paying invoices and facilitating payments on behalf of our clients
  • Liaison with FSP officers when required
All aforementioned services are provided at a strictly personal level, in direct communication with, and upon sufficient instructions by, the client.

Facts & Info about: Breder Suasso | New Zealand

Yes, 1000 euro or US$.

15-20 days account activation after total fulfillment of the documentary and due diligence documents.