PNB Banka (Norvik) | Latvia

Offers retail and corporate banking services.

Founded in 1992, it is one of the oldest commercial banks in Latvia. It is the 8th largest bank in Latvia by assets.

Package Services

Our Services include:

  • Completion of Banking forms and questionnaire
  • Preparation of package to be sent to the bank for approval
  • Promoting the account opening and being in contact with the bank up until account opening.

Additional Services

We provide bank account management services, such as:

  • Bank account signatory services
  • Maintenance of account records and on-going monitoring
  • Paying invoices and facilitating payments on behalf of our clients
  • Liaison with bank officers when required
All aforementioned services are provided at a strictly personal level, in direct communication with, and upon sufficient instructions by, the client.

Facts & Info about: PNB Banka (Norvik) | Latvia

Yes, from 50 euro to 300 euro, depending to the bank's discretion after due diligence examination.

Two weeks after total fulfillment of the documentary and due diligence documents are approved by the bank.