Being able to understand and evaluate a prospective transaction it is essential to any growing company in today's challenging business environment.
Legal & Financial Due Diligence

Legal & Financial Due Diligence

Due diligence is an investigation of a business prior to signing a contract.

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Our lawyers and in-house chartered accountants have the in-depth knowledge and expertise in providing legal and financial due diligence to our clients.

We strongly recommend that prior to the acquisition of a company or of a company's stake of shares, or prior to entering into or enforcing or registering measures like Pledge & Charge Agreements, a legal and financial due diligence is undertaken in order to ensure:

  • the legal and financial standing of the target company
  • the ownership to the shares under sale or charge
  • the liabilities and/or obligations, if any, of the target company
  • that the corporate governance obligations are met
  • that a sound method of acquisition is put in place
  • that any agreement, such as Pledge, is lawful according to Cypriot Company Law and as such it can be duly registered

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We offer legal and financial due diligence services for the benefit of clients prior to entering into a potential agreement for merger, acquisition, charge or pledge, or a corporate finance transaction.

Our clients include corporate and private investors as well as local and international practitioners.  We have on few occasions discouraged our clients from moving forward and completing a Share Purchase after the disappointing results which a sound legal and financial due diligence showed; these clients have appreciated our work more than any other.

Investing through the acquisition of a company (such as, instead of purchasing an immovable property directly you choose to acquire the company which owns the said property) may seem risk free sometimes; however, the losses can be great and the pitfalls many in case of hidden liabilities which the company may later prove to have. We always encourage our clients to consider having a proper legal investigation and a legal and financial due diligence issued.