Defamation Vs. Freedom of Speech; where one ends and the other begins?
Defamation, Libel & Slander

Defamation, Libel & Slander

If it's in writing then it is a libel; if it's an oral statement then it is a slander. If it's harmful, then it is defamation.

Libel and Slander are forms of Defamation, defined as publicly making false, or misleading, statements about some other person.

Libel is written statement, of false and malicious content, about someone else.  Such statement may be made in writing, or through pictures or other type of printed material.

Slander is a spoken (oral) statement, of false and malicious character, about someone else.

In order to successfully prove a case for defamation, through either libel or slander, the statement -whether in writing or oral- must fulfill all three below requirements:

  1. To be intentionally communicated to someone else (negligent communication may also meet the requirement);
  2. The statement must have caused a degree of damage (harmful) to the reputation of the innocent person, to whom the statement refers to; a 'defamatory' statement is a degree of damage.
  3. The innocent person (the person defamed) need to be related to the 'defamatory' statement (it may even be implied).

It is important to be noted that the person being defamed must show actual injury or malice.

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