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Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property Disputes

As the owner of intellectual property (IP) rights, you have a range of options and actions you can take.

We are an official member of the International Trademark Association, keeping our IP lawyers up to date and in full awareness of the international IP trends, programs and events

We represent clients in enforcing or defending of all forms of their IP rights.

We have defended clients on multi-national cases for IP violations, such as design rights or trade mark disputes.  In terms of EUIPO or WIPO procedures, we represent our clients during oppositions, either for or against, until final decision of the relevant body.

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  • We have successfully defended multiple clients of our firm during their EUIPO and WIPO trademark registration procedures during oppositions, either for or against.
  • We have successfully defended before the Courts of Cyprus, a Cyprus wholesale company against an alleged IP violation claim filed by CONVERSE INC, of the USA.
  • We have successfully represented our client, a world known Club/Restaurant, GUABA, on unauthorized trade mark uses and infringements in EU member States and on social media sites.
  • We handle on-going representations of clients in relation to unauthorized registration of business names from third parties, identical or similar to our clients' trademarks.
  • We handle on-going IP registration objections on behalf of our clients, either during registration procedures in Cyprus, in EUIPO or in WIPO.