We guide our clients through all the stages of employing local and foreign employees, from legal to immigration matters.
Employing Foreign Employees

Employing Foreign Employees

We ensure that your business remains in compliance with the current employment laws and regulations.

Big number of our clients are foreign companies establishing their business in Cyprus, either as their headquarters for tax and other reasons or as their EU entity.

Our lawyers are well experienced in helping overseas companies in setting up their Cyprus presence and establishing themselves in accordance with the local laws, particularly when employees are involved (either local employees or foreign employees to be employed and work in Cyprus).

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Our clients include foreign interests companies which settle in Cyprus such as foreign banks and financial institutions, software businesses, Forex and Binary Options Brokers, shipping and ship management companies, trading companies and many others.

On this way, we:

  • advise the different ways for you to operate your business legally in Cyprus, by employing local and foreign staff;
  • advise you on how to employ foreign employees in order to work in Cyprus legally;
  • assist on all immigration matters;
  • arrange for the drafting of the suitable employment contracts, in accordance with the Labor Office requirements (ensuring employment law and labor office requirements);
  • advise you of your obligations towards your employees and their rights under Cyprus employment law;
  • advise you on ways of legally ending an employment relationship;
  • assist you on recruitment process.