Child abduction Remedies & Preventive measures.
Child Abduction

Child Abduction

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Our team of family law attorneys assists on all matters relating to children, including Children Law and Abduction.

We are experienced in local and International child abduction cases. Due to Cyprus being an international business centre, many individuals or families relocate to Cyprus either for temporary or permanent residence. It is not rare that upon a family breakdown a spouse may look onto moving out of Cyprus, whereby the issue of child abduction may arise.

Abduction situations are complex and sometimes urgent. Urgent expert advice is extremely crucial, whether you are the applicant or respondent (who has taken a Child abroad without the necessary permission - even innocently).

Our practice deals with cases where children may be brought to Cyprus, or cases where children are taken out of Cyprus.  If you are facing a possible child abduction case, we strongly recommend getting in touch the soonest. 

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Cyprus Law Overview

"Child Abduction", when it comes to Child Law, means one parent taking, or keeping, a Child abroad without the other parent's consent. For example, if a divorced couple lives in Cyprus, and the mother takes the Child or Children to the UK without the father's consent, she might have abducted the Child or Children, despite the fact that she may have a custody Court Order (unless the move to the UK was just a holiday trip).

International Overview

The 1980 Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abductions, ratified by 90 countries, including Cyprus, ensures the prompt return of children who have been abducted from their country of habitual residence. In other words, it identifies that the Child ought to return to the country where was previously living.

Furthermore, the EU also regulates Child Abduction situations and how Courts need to respond to such matters.