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Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus

Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus

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Non-EU nationals have the option of staying in Cyprus, as visitors, for over 3 months period and can apply for such permit at the Civil Registry and Migration Department of Cyprus.

Visitors visa

Third country nationals who will come to Cyprus for visiting purposes or will extend their previous visa can apply for visitors visa.

The Visitors section examines cases of third country nationals who enter the Republic of Cyprus and wish to stay for more than three 3 months (90 days), without employment rights.

Tourist Visas are issued by the consular authorities of Cyprus abroad. If they want to extend the visa they should apply for long term visa at the Immigration unit before their current visas expire.

Visas with the term FINAL can only be extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus.

The applicant needs to apply to the Immigration Unit of the city they are living in.


  • Sufficient income from the country of origin in order to cover living expenses while residing in Cyprus;
  • Must rent or buy a house that will be used for residence purposes;
  • Bank guarantee;
  • Other documents.


  • Cannot stay out of Cyprus for more than three months continuously as the permit would be cancelled automatically;
  • No right to work in Cyprus;
  • Valid for one year and can be renewed annually one month before the visa expires.

Once the application is made the applicant receives a temporary permit until the card is issued in approximately 3 months from the date of application.

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