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Work Permit in Cyprus (Employment Visa)

Work Permit in Cyprus (Employment Visa)

Our specialized team of immigration lawyers and consultants will assist you on successfully applying for Employment Permit in Cyprus.

The application for the issue of Entry, Residence and Employment (work) permits are submitted by the Employer (not by the employee). The application is submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

Together with the application, you need to submit the Employment Contract, certified by the Department of Labor of the Ministry of Employment and Social Insurances.

Duration of Work Permit - 

Generally, the maximum period of a non-EU citizen to live and work in Cyprus is 4 years. However, the following employees are exempted from this limitation:

  • highly skilled personnel employed in companies with substantial annual turnover;
  • executive directors, middle-management staff, executive staff and other key personnel working in companies of foreign interests (requires at least 50% of the company’s share capital to belong to a non-Cyprus citizen or, its’ direct foreign capital investment to be at least €171.000) - minimum salary requirements apply;
  • qualified nurses, registered in Cyprus for the practice of such nurse profession;
  • athletes and coaches of individual or team sports;
  • religious icon painters (for particular projects).

Non-EU citizens married with a Cypriot/EU citizen - 

Non-EU citizens who are married with a Cypriot/EU national and wish to work in Cyprus they need to apply for working permit and file all necessary documents.

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Our specialized team of immigration lawyers and consultants assist our clients on successfully applying for Employment Permit in Cyprus.

We ensure that the relevant filing forms are well completed and that you are represented by our firm on every step of the process. We shall further let you know in advance what might be needed or will it be necessary for your successful outcome.