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Trademarks & Brands Registrations

Trademarks & Brands Registrations

We offer trademark and brand registrations in over 150 countries all over the world!

Our Intellectual Property team has built a strong reputation in the field of trademarks and brand registrations, on a National, Community (EU) and International level. We encourage our clients to protect their names, symbols and images.

We offer registrations in over 150 countries all over the world, in addition to the harmonized single application for all EU Member States (EUIPO). This has been the result of our Firm's excellent networking with local agents in each country. Trademark protection in many countries requires that a local agent is appointed; this is sometimes hard to do since a trustworthy and efficient local agent is not easy to find; however, we did it for you. We are glad to have a truly global network of the finest agents on IP law who work on the same values as we do. Currently, our international network of IP agents/attorneys exceeds 100.

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Trademark Search

We recommend that prior to filing for a new trademark registration the first thing to do is to confirm that your intended trademark is available for registration. We identify similar trademarks and names, therefore avoiding unnecessary expenses and claims when possible. This way you make up your mind of your registration possibilities.

Trademark Registration

We offer registration of trademarks in over 150 countries all over the world. We offer registration in the EU through the single application process for all EU Member States via EUIPO). We will assist you in deciding the classes necessary in order to best protect your trademark, we will recommend the countries or Communities where such registration should be done (via EUIPO or WIPO or otherwise), we shall recommend the best strategy of registration and we will provide you with the specific requirements in each country.

Trademark Watch

Registering your trademark is vital, but following up is also as important. IP public authorities would not be much concerned of your trademark, the responsibility lies on you to make sure that you monitor the market and identify possible trademark applications which might be identical or similar to your trademark. It is not possible for any person to manually monitor global IP registrations however our IP network offers an automated monitoring solution which will detect possible conflicting applications and notify you in advance. This will give you the right to object to a possibly infringing mark in time, before it is too late.