Under which circumstances are you entitled to make an injury compensation claim?
Accidents in Public Places

Accidents in Public Places

Every company or person who allows you to enter their premises as visitor owe a duty of care towards you.

Have you had an injury during your shopping at a mall or the supermarket, at a hotel or in any other public place in Cyprus due to wet floor, broken floor or otherwise?

Our personal injury lawyers will guide you through your legal rights and the compensation you should be entitled to receive for your injury.

We represent accident victims, on a daily basis, who have been injured as a result of someone else's negligence.  We will guide you all the way through ensuring that you are well aware of your chances of success before going into costly legal proceedings. We ensure that we do have beforehand a medical report proving your injury, and we thereafter take the case all the way though, from the initial negotiation stages (for an out of court settlement) to full court hearings before Cyprus courts.

All we need is to understand how and where the accident happened and we will be able to consult you of your legal rights as against such wrongdoer and/or his/her insurance company.

        90% of our Personal Injury Cases are settled out of Court

Through a combination of our lawyers' variety of expertise we are at a position to get the best possible result for people injured due to a someone else's fault.

No Win, No Fee

Despite the fact that the Cyprus Bar Association does not allow the well-known practice of No Win, No Fee lawyer in Cyprus, we are focused on offering our clients with an affordable cooperation whereby legal fees are mostly being remunerated upon successful compensation been paid to our clients.

We go a Step Further

Aiming to our clients' unconditional success, we assist you by introducing a variety of expert witnesses from all over the world on matters involving medical, psychiatrists, injury reconstruction, surveyors and other experts that can give our clients an accurate picture of their situation, their case before hand, and the possibilities of success.

For more details as to how can we help you, please contact us now.

Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

Slip, trip and fall injuries happen on a daily basis to a significant number of people, during their everyday life. All companies who accept you at their premises as a visitor, they have a duty of care to you and your wellness. This duty towards you exists not only from the companies themselves but also from all employees and members of such companies.

If it can be proved that the Health & Safety regulations of the company which you visited have been insufficient, you may then be well entitled to a compensation.

Companies with duty of care towards you

Such companies can be from a small office (doctor, accountant, lawyer, jeweler etc.) to large companies (malls, supermarkets, clinics etc.) to councils and town halls (responsible for pavements, roads, paths etc.) to restaurants, bars and clubs. Every company or person who allows you to enter their premises as visitor owe a duty of care towards you.

What is the level of duty of care?

The level of such duty is high and is not restricted on simply securing you during your visit, but it also covers situations where the company should take additional measures to ensure that no harm may happen to a visitor, in case of an unpredictable event.