Have you suffered due to misdiagnosis surgical error or substandard care?
Medical & Clinical Negligence

Medical & Clinical Negligence

Surgical errors and misdiagnosis are the most frequent cases involving medical negligence in Cyprus.

Today's society requires that medical and nursing treatment is of highest standards, both in terms of treatment as well and technicality. People are willing to go a step further and pay more with regards to health and wellness. Nevertheless, not everything goes well; mistakes do happen.

We will guide you all the way through. We ensure that, prior to entering into a legal dispute with your medical practitioner, you are aware of your chances of success. We ensure that we do have beforehand a medical report proving your injury and your rights as well as arguing on the medical negligence involved. You need to be assured that in case you end up in a court hearing, you will have specialist witnesses by your side; otherwise the whole action may be deemed to fail.

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Medical Accidents

A medical accident does not necessarily mean medical negligence. Despite the disappointment that may be the outcome of an unsuccessful treatment, it is not always linked to negligence. All treatments carry risks and patients ought to be warned of such risks.

Cyprus law on negligence, based entirely on English common law, awards compensation for treatments that went wrong if it can be proved that the treatment was negligent; this means that you need to prove that the treatment's duty of care fell below the standard that would generally be acceptable as reasonable for the particular area of your treatment.

Medical Negligence Cases

Medical negligence cases are fiercely defended. It is a highly specialist area so it is important that your lawyer has previous experience on this area of the law.

Our lawyers have the experience to organize, together with you, the team of experts that will combine their skills in order to prove your case.

Surgical errors and misdiagnosis are the most frequent cases involving medical negligence in Cyprus.

The Law

The law on medical negligence in Cyprus is based on English common law. The claimant/patient on a medical negligence case needs to prove, on the "balance of probabilities", that the medical practitioner has been negligent (acted negligent or failed to act). The standard of care for such cases is "what would reasonably be expected".

It is important to have in mind that despite the fact that you may prove negligence on the part of the medical practitioner, you must still prove that the negligence is what has caused your injury. It is common for the medical practitioner to allege, in defending him/her self, that the injury occurred form other events but not from the treatment. In this respect, a specialist (medical practitioner) will need to argue on your behalf.