Strict time limits apply when seeking compensation for an injury sustained in a road accident.
Road Accidents

Road Accidents

We are experts on personal injury matters. We will advise you as to your claim, whether you have or not, a good case.

Road traffic accidents in Cyprus include a variety of situations which an individual may find himself or herself being a victim of someone else's negligence or fault.

Injuries suffered from road traffic accidents can vary from minor whiplash to fatal injuries. If you or anyone you know has suffered a personal injury in Cyprus as a result of a road accident, contact us now for an accurate advice.

You need to be aware that time limits apply when making a personal injury claim for car accidents.

We are experts on personal injury matters. We will advise you as to your claim, whether you have, or have not, a good case.

We represent clients on all type of road accidents:

If you have been involved in a car accident in Cyprus which was not your fault, you may be entitled to a car accident compensation. Car accident injuries vary from minor whiplash, cuts and bruises, to more serious injuries such as broken bones and spinal injuries. Make sure you are compensated not only for the current damages and suffering but also for the years following.

Cycling is nowadays a widely used healthy promoted exercise. Unfortunately, cycle accidents are also inevitable and seem to happen. If you have been involved in a cycle accident in Cyprus, you need to make sure you exchange details with the other person involved in the collision. Often, a harmless cycle collision may have caused you head or spinal injuries which may affect you later on.

In case you are involved in a pedestrian accident in Cyprus, you need to prove that someone else is responsible for your injury. You try collecting names, addresses and other contact detail of people who might have witnessed your accident. Pedestrian accidents can happen on a zebra crossing or while walking in the street and you are knocked out by a car. Injuries from pedestrian accidents can vary from minor to even fatal ones; you need to make sure that you are compensated adequately.

Driving a motorcycle in Cyprus can be more exciting than being in a car; however, there are serious negatives too. Serious or fatal damages mostly relate to motorcycle accidents. According to Cyprus laws, even though a motorcyclist has an obligation to secure himself (by being alert, not overtaking, not speeding, etc.), other road users also have serious obligations toward the motorcyclist. We ensure that the other driver's obligations are brought up to surface and you are compensated for the damage you have suffered.

Passengers are not less exposed than the driver during a road traffic accident in Cyprus. Whether you are a passenger on public transport, in a private vehicle or in a taxi, if you are injured due to someone else's negligence you can be entitled to compensation. The difference of being a passenger than being a driver is that it is very unlikely that a passenger could be found to be anything else than an innocent victim; just make sure you have your seatbelt on.

All road users in Cyprus have duty of care towards other users. Emergency vehicles (such as ambulances) do sometimes need to travel at a high speed and ignore traffic signals, therefore you need to be vigilant for warning sirens or lights. However, your failure to see a speeding ambulance does not entirely stop you from claiming compensation (vicarious liability test will apply).

If you were in the unfortunate position of being a victim of a hit and run accident in Cyprus, where the person responsible for the accident leaves the scene, or of an accident where the liable person is an uninsured driver, you are entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim from the Motor Insurers Fund of Cyprus (MIF) for unidentified vehicles. We will guide you through and help you claim the maximum compensation under the circumstances.

In case you feel stiffness, pain and/or restriction of movement in the neck area, or even headaches and pain on shoulders or arms, after any type of accident, it is almost certain that you are suffering of whiplash. The symptoms may develop instantly after an accident or in 2 -3 days afterwards. Its' severity may take days, months or years. You need to visit a doctor, and a lawyer. We will make sure that you are compensated of your current, and future, pain and suffering.