Dispute Resolution Success | Intellectual Property Rights
A. G. Paphitis & Co. LLC is proud to announce yet another Dispute Resolution success in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. On the 22/02/2021, Ms. Maria Hinni, Senior Associate Lawyer, supported by Mr. Angelos Paphitis, Managing Partner have successfully managed to secure an opposition of a Trademark in favour of our client Ebro Foods S.A.
Background of Matter

Our Law Firm was engaged to represent Euryza GmBH in opposing against the Trademark “ORYZATEIN” which was submitted in Cyprus by Axiom Foods Inc (USA) in August 2019. The Opponent being a large and reputable rice manufacturing company based in Germany with a worldwide reputation had already secured their rights in Europe after the applicants unsuccessfully attempted to register the said Trademark and were rejected by EUIPO.

In response to the rejection, the applicant party proceeded to submit an application in almost every member state on a national level, separately. Our firm proceeded to submit a comprehensive opposition informing the local authority of the rejection by EUIPO and drafting the basis of the opposition.


In view of the above, the applicant party withdrew their application for registration of the Trademark in Cyprus and the Trademark Department accept to approve our recommendations for receiving “compensation” for costs accrued in the form of legal fees to the opposing party for the opposition to the Trademark submission, as per the new Trademarks Regulations [article 21(4)].

Our Law Firm has managed to secure the interest of the client on a worldwide level protecting them from any negative decision on a national level.