Insurance Claims & Disputes in Cyprus

Most people purchase insurance for various reasons, for example, health, life, car and medical insurance. When insurance is purchased, the purchase is required to pay monthly premiums on time in order to be covered in case something happens. There are some instances when an insurance claim is denied or disputed for not being of a good reason; this is called ‘acting in bad faith’. When this occurs, an insurance claims and disputes lawyer in Cyprus is necessary in order to represent the individual or business with regards to the act of bad faith.

The insurance claims and disputes lawyer in Cyprus will review his/ her clients’ case and if he/she believes that there is a case, the lawyer will file a claim in Cyprus courts and begin investigating the circumstances of the case making sure that all details including the time the event occurred, the location, the circumstances e.t.c. is fully known and recorded. The insurance claims and disputes lawyer in Cyprus will also asses if the insurance company acted in bad faith by, for example, having accused the claimant of misinterpreting the terms of the Policy, challenging the origin of a catastrophe in order to remove all responsibility, or the insurance company may even accuse the claimant of lying.

Once the insurance claims and disputes lawyer has all the facts of the case, he/ she can begin reviewing the relevant law that relates to his/her clients case in order to successfully obtain compensation for his/her client. If the insurance claims and disputes lawyer is successful in court in Cyprus and the court finds that the insurer acted in bad faith, the insurance claims and disputes lawyers’ client may be able to recover the benefits of the policy for the claim and possibly consequential losses and damages suffered for emotional distress, lost income and legal fees. In some occasions an insurance claims and disputes lawyer is paid on a contingency fee basis i.e. a no win no fee basis. This is very useful as insurance claims and dispute cases are usually timely and expensive.