We advise companies on how to fully benefit from the EU Internal Market
EU & Competition

EU & Competition

Is the activity you wish to undertake in another EU member state within the scope of the four freedoms?

Our firm's lawyers and consultants pride themselves on taking a dynamic and comprehensive approach to all European Union Law issues, both national and domestic. Our firm provides a complete service for our clients' requirements for legal advice in all areas of EU law in general.

We offer consultation with regards to the benefits that the Internal EU Market can offer, about EU Constitutional Law and general EU law advice and interpretation.

The Internal Market of the European Union

This area is based upon the 'four freedoms', free movement of goods, free movement of persons, free movement of services and free movement of capital. We have significant experience in advising various companies in the field of the EU Internal Market such as standardisation, the free movement of goods and free movement to provide services. We also advise in all areas related to the interpretation of EU legislation (Directive, Regulations, Decisions and standards).

EU Constitutional Law

We have experience in advising companies based in one Member State whether the activity they intend to perform in another Member State falls within the scope of the rules on the free movement of services or on the right of establishment.

General EU Law advice

There are a number of regulations/laws that affect the operation and day to day business of private enterprises. Due to our monitoring of EU Directives and our connections to law firms throughout the EU, we can offer our clients expert legal advice and understanding regarding transposing EU Directives.