Banking & finance disputes in Cyprus

A banking and finance disputes lawyer in Cyprus may either deal with debt collection on behalf of the bank being the lender or, a defence lawyer on the part of the borrower who may have been in default as against his/her obligations towards the bank or a financial institution or, can be operating within the banking instruments area of laws which involves highly specialised skills and works within a complex area of law that is ever changing and is very volatile. As the financial market changes, the commercial concerns of financial institutions and the problems and disputes they are faced with are significant in terms of both their financial and reputational impact.

A banking and finance disputes lawyer in Cyprus must work very closely with his / her client in order to understand their commercial needs and objectives and be able to consult and give critical advice in order for their client to have a successful result or court case.  Many times, the legal work involved is international and involves complex cross border issues therefore a banking and finance lawyer in Cyprus needs to be well studied and up to date on the financial market and relevant laws not only on a local level, but also on an international level.

A banking and finance disputes lawyer in Cyprus may assist a wide range of individuals and businesses such as; defence over a debt collection claims in Cyprus courts; financial services consultation, investment and retail advising, fund managers, brokers, regulators and other financial businesses that deal with banking, financial or investment transactions, solve their disputes and strives to obtain remedies for his/ her client that fulfil his/ her clients needs. The litigation involved with such clients can be both, from simply defence filing for extension of time to extremely complex banking, investment and finance disputes where a lawyer must be able to solve the complex dispute quickly and efficiently. The approach that a banking and finance disputes lawyer in Cyprus takes will highly depend on the specific case at hand but in general the banking and finance disputes lawyer will review all the information and documentation relating to the situation and start building his/ her case in preparation for the litigation that will be required in the courts. At times back and forth negotiations may occur between the lawyers of the two (or more) parties to the case that results in negotiations without having to go to court. The types of dispute a banking and finance lawyer in Cyprus may have to solve may concern for example, debt collection, private equity, insurance, financial services regulatory body investigations and disciplinary proceedings.