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Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd | Cyprus
Bendura Bank AG | Liechtenstein
Barclays Bank - UK
Bank of Cyprus PLC | Cyprus
Hellenic Bank PLC | Cyprus
Caye International Bank | Belize
Euro Pacific Bank Ltd | Puerto Rico

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Delta West Credit Bank | Comoros

Delta West Credit Bank is the leader among of banks located at the Comoros Union. They function based on the high-quality service that leads to significant growth and rapid success for their customers. Delta West Credit Bank gained more than 6 years’ experience of working with the wide variety of international institutions such as entrepreneurs, expatriates, law firms, sole traders and high net worth individuals from all over the world. Their strength is the transparent and mutually beneficial basis of collaboration.

Société Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privée | Comoros

SBFP bank is an international financial institution that provides financial services to businesses and persons worldwide. It is situated and legally registered in Moheli, an autonomous island in the Union of the Comoros. They offer current accounts, savings accounts, money transfers, payment services, competitive foreign exchange rates, investment services and debit card services operated by experienced professionals from world-class banks and financial institutions.

MauBank Ltd | Mauritius

Founded in 2016, MauBank operates Retail, SME and Corporate banking business locally and internationally for individuals and businesses. The Bank’s distribution network consists of 19 branches and 32 ATMs across Mauritius including internet banking to deliver proximity services to its customers. The bank also provides basic banking services across the post office network operated by Mauritius Post Ltd.

ABC Banking Corporation Ltd | Mauritius

Incepted since 2010 as a full-fledged commercial bank, ABC Banking Corporation today stands as one of the star performers of the ABC Group, a well-diversified Mauritian conglomerate featuring among the Top 100 business organizations of the Indian Ocean. The bank, known for its attractive broad spectrum of traditional and innovative products and services, and its excellent rapport with customers, has become a hallmark of quality and effectiveness in the highly competitive financial sector of Mauritius.

AfrAsia Bank Limited | Mauritius

Founded in 2007, AfrAsia Bank is Headquartered in the Mauritius International Financial Centre with representative office in South Africa. AfrAsia Bank Limited specializes in banking that connect individuals and corporations between Africa, Asia and the World. The Bank’s entrepreneurial approach helps to develop flexible financing and investment solutions and provide tailor-made advice. The bank focuses and onboards mainly companies holding Global Business License in Mauritius.

Bank of China (Mauritius) Limited | Mauritius

BOC (Mauritius) Limited, created in 2016, is mainly engaged in corporate financial business while branching out businesses in deposits, loans, remittances, international settlement, trade financing, financial market and financial institutions. It will carry out cross-border RMB business so as to provide all-round and quality financial services to enterprises and multinational corporations in China, Mauritius and Africa, and strive to establish itself as a strategic platform for BOC’s African business.

Bank One Limited | Mauritius

Founded in 1991 and Headquartered in Port Louis, Mauritius, Bank One is a universal bank serving the four main segments namely consumer banking, corporate, private and international. Bank One provides a wide range of banking products to its clients through a chain of 13 branches and a well-distributed ATM network across the island. The Bank also offers treasury services and has developed strong capabilities in e-commerce acquiring. It was awarded by Visa for “Best Bank in Ecommerce Business Risk Management” in 2014 -2015.

BanyanTree Bank Limited | Mauritius

BanyanTree Bank is a full-service Bank licensed by the Bank of Mauritius, BOM. It was founded in 2012 by finance professionals with over three decades of banking experience who have partnered with a Mauritian conglomerate and other global financial investors. BanyanTree Bank is the first Mauritian bank to establish a Representative Office in Dubai International Finance Centre, which is regulated by the Dubai Financial Standards Authority, DFSA. BanyanTree Bank has a related company, trading under the name of BanyanTree Wealth Limited, with an office in London and regulated by the FCA.

The Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited | Mauritius

Founded back in 1838, MCB Ltd, a subsidiary and the mainstay of MCB Group Ltd, is the longest-standing and leading banking institution in Mauritius while displaying an increasingly prominent foothold in the region. Backed by its sound business model, modern channel capabilities and high-quality customer service, the Bank has, throughout its history, been true to its guiding principle of assisting in the advancement of individuals, corporates and the country at large, thus playing a key role in the socio-economic development of Mauritius.

Warwyck Private Bank Ltd | Mauritius

Founded In 2014, Warwyck Private Bank Ltd is one of the first Banks in Mauritius to be granted a license as an exclusively private banking and wealth management financial institution; they aim to pursue Private Banking of the highest quality standards based on the Swiss model.

Century Banking Corporation Ltd | Mauritius

Century Banking Corporation Ltd (CBC), the first Islamic Bank, was granted a banking license on 3 September 2010 and started its operations on 31 March 2011.   CBC is a boutique investment bank, combined with private banking and international banking facilities, which targets mainly clients from Africa, Asia and Middle East by offering tailor-made Shari’a compliant products and services.

Banque des Mascareignes Ltée | Mauritius

Banque des Mascareignes exists in Mauritius since 2004 and is an exclusively owned subsidiary of Groupe BPCE through BPCE- International. Banque des Mascareignes is a comprehensive generalist bank spanning over all banking activities and serving individuals, professionals, PMEs, corporate and international businesses. The Bank is active on both domestic and global business markets and has won the trust of important Mauritian and international groups. Banque des Mascareignes’ Client Management, Payment Methods and International services are ISO-certified.

Bank of Baroda | Seychelles

Established in 1908 in Baroda as a private bank and following nationalization by Government Bank of India, it became a wholly-owned Government in 1969. Bank’s head office is in Baroda and the corporate office is in Mumbai. Bank of Baroda is one of India’s leading commercial banks for more than a hundred years. It has significant international presence with a network of 74 offices in 25 countries including 48 branches of the Bank, 23 branches of its 7 Subsidiaries and 3 Representative Offices in Malaysia, Thailand & Australia. The Bank has also one Joint Venture in Zambia with 11 branches. The Seychelles branch is one of the busiest and business-friendly office of the bank.

Habib Bank Limited | Seychelles

HBL was the first commercial bank to be established in Pakistan in 1947 and owns a branch in Seychelles. Over the years, HBL has grown its branch network and maintained its position as the largest private sector bank with over 1,700 branches and 2,000 ATMs globally and a customer base exceeding ten million relationships.

Hang Seng Bank | Hong Kong

Hang Seng Bank is a Hong Kong-based banking and financial services company with headquarters in Central, Hong Kong. Founded in 1933, It is one of Hong Kong's leading public companies in terms of market capitalization and is part of the HSBC Group, which holds a majority equity interest in the bank.

HSBC Bank | Hong Kong

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is the founding member of the HSBC Group. Established in 1865 to finance the growing trade between Asia and Europe, it has become the biggest bank incorporated in Hong Kong. The bank provides a range of personal, commercial and corporate banking financial services across Asia.

United Overseas Bank Ltd (UOB) | Singapore

Founded in 1935, UOB is a multinational bank headquartered in Singapore, with over 500 offices in 19 countries across Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe. Revenue S$8.050 billion (2015), net income  S$3.210 billion (2015), total assets US$231.6 billion (2015), and over 12,000 employees.

Societe Generale | Singapore

Societe Generale in Singapore has since 1979 been offering a wide range of banking services to corporate, institutional and public clients. It is the biggest issuer of ETFs in Singapore. From its' Singapore office, SG manages the representative offices located in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Standard Chartered Bank | Singapore

Standard Chartered has a history of 157 years in Singapore, opening its first branch in 1859 and in 1999 received a Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) license. It employs around 7,000 people in Singapore and has a network of 17 branches. Group revenue €25.639 billion (2015), group profit €4.001 billion (2015). website:

OCBC Bank | Singapore

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC) was founded in 1932. Today it has assets of more than 224 billion SGD. Based on Bloomberg, in 2011 OCBC is the number one of the world's strongest $100 billion assets banks. The bank's global network consists of offices in 18 countries, serving in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, the UK and US.

Bank of Singapore | Singapore

It is a Singapore-based private banking institution, formerly known as ING Asia Private Bank, acquired by OCBC in 2009 for US$1.46 billion. As at June 2016, the bank was managing approximately US$61 billion of assets of high-net-worth individuals. It is rated Aa1 by Moody's.

DBS Bank Ltd | Singapore

Founded in 1968, it is a Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation. It is the largest bank in South East Asia and among the larger banks in Asia. It has strong capital position, and "AA-" and "Aa1" credit ratings. Operating income over SG$8 billions, net income over SG$3 billions and total assets over US$332 billions, with 21,000 employees.

European American Investment Bank AG (Euram) | Austria

Founded in 1999, Euram Bank is a retail bank based in Vienna, Austria. It is a wholly owned by management and private investors and served local and international clients. It is a member of the Deposit Insurance Guarantee scheme so that all deposits up to 100,000 euros to be fully hedged.

Meinlbank | Austria

Meinl Bank was founded in 1923 and offers institutional banking, private banking, investment banking and funds management services. Its headquarters are in Wien, Austria.

Raiffeisen Bank | Austria

Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), founded in a different form back in  1862, regards Austria, where it is a leading corporate and investment bank, as well as Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home market. 14 markets of the region are covered by subsidiary banks. Additionally, the Group comprises numerous other financial service providers, for instance in the fields of leasing, asset management, as well as M&A.

VTB Bank | Austria

VTB Bank (Europe) SE, founded in 1973, is an Austrian Bank that provides advice to companies and banks on the settlement of transactions in Russia and other states worldwide. VTB Bank provides services to corporate clients, financial institutions and private clients.

TBI Bank | Bulgaria

TBI Bank was founded in 2002 and is a fully licensed consumer and SME focused bank operating in Bulgaria and Romania. It is recognized as the most profitable bank in Bulgaria in 2017.

United Bulgarian Bank | Bulgaria

Established in 1992 through the merger of 22 Bulgarian regional commercial banks, United Bulgarian Bank is the first and most comprehensive consolidation project in the Bulgarian banking sector.  

Bank of Cyprus PLC | Cyprus

Founded in 1899 with over 4,000 employees and 56 million net income.  It is the biggest bank in Cyprus with €1.42 billion market capitalisation as of 30 January 2017.  Offers full range banking services and very userfriendly e-banking.

Hellenic Bank PLC | Cyprus

Founded in 1976. It is the second largest bank of Cyprus with a 13.1% share of deposits and 7.9% of the loans market as of June 2016.   Total assets €7.1 billion and revenue €152.1 million ,with about 1,500 employees.  Offers full range services.

RCB Bank Ltd | Cyprus

Founded in 1995, formerly known as Russian Commercial Bank, until November 2013 when it renamed to RCB.  It is based in Limassol, with branches in Cyprus and Luxembourg.  It is an international bank offering full range of banking services.

Societe Generale Bank Ltd | Cyprus

Founded in 1985 and offers banking services to both resident and non-resident clientele in all fields of financial services, such as corporate banking, retail banking, private banking. Societe Generale de Banque au Liban is the sole shareholder.

Eurobank Cyprus Ltd | Cyprus

Founded in August 2007, Eurobank Cyprus is a member of the Eurobank Group, a dynamic banking group active in six countries, with total assets of €58.5 billion and 13,267 employees. Eurobank Cyprus has an impressive rate of growth and demonstrated healthy profitability with both a strong capital base and liquidity, currently operating a network of eight Banking Centres in all major cities across the island.

Cyprus Development Bank P.C.Ltd. (CDB Bank) | Cyprus

Founded in 1963, CDB Bank was the first financial institution in Cyprus to provide project financing and offer valuable advice to governmental bodies on significant infrastructure issues. CDB Bank is the leading niche financial institutions in Cyprus, dedicated to satisfying the needs of domestic and international clients.

Ancoria Bank | Cyprus

Ancoria Bank opened for business in 2016. Ancoria Bank Ltd is a newly established Cyprus bank, licensed, registered and supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus. They offer a range of personal and business banking products and services that clients can access online or from Banking Centers in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. Bank only onboards clients who are permanent residents of Cyprus.

USB Bank | Cyprus

USB Banks’ history starts back in 1925. The bank offers a wide range of services for personal, business, corporate and international accounts. Today, customers of USB Bank have access to a full range of personal and business banking products and services both in Cyprus and abroad in all the major international currencies either directly through the Bank or through its network of foreign correspondents. They offer daily services to clients through a network of 14 branches throughout the island.

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd | Cyprus

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd has been repeatedly recognized for its high quality processing of International Payments. Specifically, the Bank has for a number of years received the EUR Straight - Through Processing (STP) Excellence Award and the USD Straight-Through Processing (STP) Excellence Award from Deutsche Bank, one of the world's leading financial service providers.

Wirecard Bank | Germany

It is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks (Einlagensicherungsfonds des Bundesverbandes deutscher Banken) and is subject to supervision by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BAFin). It is a member of Visa, MasterCard and JCB International, as well as being licensed to conclude credit card acceptance contracts (acquiring) and issue cards (issuing). Wirecard Bank is a leading international acquirer, as per

Deutsche Handelsbank | Germany

Deutsche Handelsbank was founded with the objective of offering specialized products and services for eCommerce enterprises and accompanying and encouraging their growth as a partner. They offer corporate loans, personal accounts, international payment transactions, cards and many more. The bank has offices in Munich and Berlin, Germany.

AS PrivatBank | Latvia

It is a subsidiary of the Ukrainian bank PrivatBank. Prior to 2007, the bank was known as AS Banka Paritate.  AS "PrivatBank" paid-up share capital is €86,349,556.

Norvik Banka | Latvia

Founded in 1992, it is one of the oldest commercial banks in Latvia. It is the 8th largest bank in Latvia by assets. Its' capital adequacy ratio as of the end of 2014 has been 15.19%. The bank’s liquidity ratio has reached 58.75%. Total assets €996.39 m. (2014), total equity €100.96 m. (2014), over 600 employees.

ABVL Bank | Latvia

Founded in 1993 as Aizkraukles Banka and renamed to ABLV in 2011. It today is one of the largest private banks in the Baltic states, headquartered in Riga. Net income €69.04 mln (2015), total assets €4928.12 mln (2015), total equity €281.45 mln (2015).

Baltikums Bank (Blue Orange) AS | Latvia

Baltikums Bank is now BlueOrange Bank. Founded in 2001 in Latvia and in 2009 opens first overseas branch in Cyprus. As on 01/01/2015, liquidity ration 80.39%, return on equity 24.1% and return on assets 2.5%. Assets 684.2 million euros.

Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG | Liechtenstein

Founded in 1931, its' head office is in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. A family-owned wealth management group and private bank.

VOLKSBANK AG | Liechtenstein

There are several European banks that operate under the name "Volksbank". Volksbank AG started its' operations in Liechtenstein in 1997 as a classic private banking firm, and in 2005 it extended its' activities to include retail banking.

NEUE Bank AG | Liechtenstein

Founded in 1992, this is a classic Liechtenstein private bank.  This is an owner-managed banking establishment.

EFG Bank von Ernst | Liechtenstein

It is a member of the EFG International. Was formed from the Liechtenstein-based subsidiary of the former Bank von Ernst & Co AG, founded in 1869 in Berne, Switzerland.

Bank Frick & Co. AG | Liechtenstein

Founded in 1998, Bank Frick & Co. roots lie in private banking and in the development of customised financial services for a discerning international clientele. Bank Frick has successfully added further business segments to its portfolio over the years, including Institutional Banking and fund services (custodian bank, paying agent, etc.).

Bendura Bank AG | Liechtenstein

Established in 1998, BENDURA BANK is a fully licensed bank domiciled in the Principality of Liechtenstein. BENDURA BANK offers wealthy entrepreneurial families and high net worth individuals personalised financial services, primarily investment advice and asset management. In addition to attractive individual products, the bank also offers funds from selected companies as well as modern financial instruments and alternative investments from selected providers.

EFG Bank CY Branch | Luxembourg

A global private banking group headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with a branch in Cyprus since 2015. EFG International operates in around 30 locations worldwide, and its shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Bank of Valetta PLC | Malta

Founded in 1974, it is oldest financial services provider in Malta and one of the largest. As of 2014 the bank had 44 branches, 6 regional business centres, with representative offices in Australia, Belgium, Libya and Italy. Net income €64.45 mln (2014), total assets €8.2 bln (2014), and over 1500 employees (2014).

Spakasse Bank Malta PLC | Malta

Founded in 2000 as a licensed Credit Institution. It is also in possession of two Investment Services licences: Category 2: authorised to provide any Investment Service, and to hold or control Clients’ Money or Customers’ Assets, but not to deal for their own account or underwrite; and Category 4a: authorised to act as trustees or custodians of Collective Investment Schemes.

Bank Zachodni WBK | Poland

Bank Zachodni WBK  is the third largest bank in Poland in terms of assets value and the number of outlets. It was formed in 2001 by the merger of Bank Zachodni S.A. and Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy SA. Since 2011, the Bank has been owned by the Spanish bank Santander Group.

BCR Bank | Romania

BCR Bank was founded in 1990 and is one of the most important financial groups in Romania, covering operations of a universal bank (retail, corporate & investment banking, treasury and capital markets), as well as specialized companies on the leasing market, assets management, private pensions, housing banks and banking services through mobile phone.

Banca Transilvania | Romania

The bank was founded in 1993 in Cluj-Napoca by a local business people group and Its activity is organized into four main business lines: corporate banking, IMM, retail banking and medical division.

Falcon Private Bank Ltd | Switzerland

Founded in 1965, Falcon Private Bank Ltd is located in Switzerland and together with its subsidiaries, provides private banking and wealth management services to high net worth private clients and investment companies worldwide.

Maerki Baumann & Co. AG | Switzerland

Founded in 1932, Maerki Baumann & Co. AG is an independent Swiss private bank headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and has been named best Swiss private bank by the business magazine "Bilanz" in 2017. The banks offers services to private clients, institutional clients, external asset managers and advice on Real Estate.

Barclays Bank - UK

Barclays plc, founded in its current form in 1896, is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in London. Apart from investment banking, Barclays is organized into four core businesses: personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management, and investment management.

Jordan International Bank PLC | United Kingdom

Founded in 1984, it offers a full range of retail and investment banking services. Shareholders of the bank are The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, holding 75% and Arab Jordan Investment Bank holding 25%. Deposits are protected up to a total of £75,000 by the UK's Financial Services Compensation Scheme. For the year to 31.12.2015, the Bank generated pre-tax profits of £5.97m (2014: £6.25m), total assets £389m (2014: £342m) and the return on equity was 5.9% (2014: 7.6%).

Breder Suasso | New Zealand

It is a Financial Service Provider (FSP) registered in New Zealand in the Financial Service Providers Register under number FSP360686. It offers services as a Financial Service Provider but is not offering services as a Registered Bank or as a licensed Non-Bank Deposit Taker. Breder Suasso is neither regulated nor supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand or the Financial Market Authority.

Pacific Private Bank | Vanuatu

Pacific Private Bank is a full-service bank that was founded in 1997 and registered in Vanuatu, an international financial center in the Pacific. Its geographical, economic, tax, and legal environment s favorable to protect capital for foreign investors.

Caye International Bank | Belize

Founded in 2003, and regulated by the Central Bank of Belize, as an Unrestricted "A" Class International Banking License. It has liquidity about twice the Belize legal minimum, as per

Euro Pacific Bank Ltd | Puerto Rico

Euro Pacific Bank is an international financial group in the banking, brokerage, mutual fund and financial services industries, licensed in Puerto Rico. Euro Pacific Bank and its subsidiaries have offered a wide array of financial services from offices in the Caribbean. Through a dedication to client service and a diverse multi-currency product offering, clients have unrivalled access to the global investment markets. The Bank’s online, multi-channel access provides account holders with 24/7 access to their accounts, regardless of where they are located.

Barclays Bank | Dubai

Barclays Bank PLC (Dubai International Financial Centre Branch) is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority. Barclays Bank PLC (DIFC Branch) only undertakes the financial services activities that fall within the scope of its existing DFSA licence. Related financial products or services are only available to Professional Clients, as defined by the DFSA.

Emirates NDB Bank | UAE

Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the region, was formed on 16 October 2007 when the shares of Emirates NBD were officially listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). The Emirates NBD 2007 merger between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD), became a regional consolidation blueprint for the banking and finance sector as it combined the second and fourth largest banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to form a banking champion capable of delivering enhanced value across corporate, retail, private, Islamic and investment banking throughout the region.


Mashreq has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967. They have customer service centers in key retail locations and one of the largest ATM networks in the country. They have 12 overseas offices in nine countries, including Europe, US, Asia and Africa.


Noor Bank (formerly Noor Islamic Bank) was established in January 2008, in Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Noor Bank is a full-service Shari’a-compliant bank, offering a comprehensive range of products and services - in corporate and personal banking, wealth management, Takaful (Islamic insurance), treasury and trading. They have a presence across the country, at multiple locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain.

Everything you need to know for Bank Account Opening

AGP has over the years built up an international banking network with over 100 banks from all over the world.  Members of our Banking Services Department are specializing in assisting our clients on every step towards successfully opening bank account, whether personal, corporate or for private banking.

All members of our team are ex-bank employees or persons who have been in the banking service for many years, with the Department itself being headed by Laoura Kartapani who has been in the banking industry for 30 years, having served as branch manager of Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd.

During the preparation of a bank application on behalf of our clients, members of the AGP Banking Services Department will:

  • Verify all documentation to be provided to the bank, including corporate and/or personal documents.
  • Prepare world-check and KYC verification in order to ensure that the client's due diligence will be approved.
  • Complete all bank forms which will then be sent over to our clients for signing.
  • Submit the full banking package to the relevant bank and liaise with the appointed bank officer for any clarifications or further information.
  • Follow up the account opening process until account allocation and banking account number is received.


AGP fees for a bank account opening varies, depending to the complexity of the situation.   A quotation will be sent once we have a general picture of the bank account to be opened, which will not include any banking fees or expenses.

  • Notarized copy of passport.
  • Original or Certified copy of utility bill proving the Applicant's residential address (up to 3 months old).
  • Bank reference letter (up to 3 months old).
  • Signed Application Form.
  • Biography (CV).


  • All documents must be in English, or translated in English language with the translator's name and contact details (including telephone number) to be clearly stated.

For the Company:

A full set of true copies of the following corporate documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Certificate of Directors or a resolution appointing the company directors and secretary (if applicable).
  • Certificate of Registered Office Address.
  • Certificate of Shareholders and a Share Certificate(s).
  • Certificate of Good Standing if the company is older than 1 year.
  • Corporate Structure showing the Company's connection with the ultimate beneficial owner(s).

For each beneficial owner, director and authorised signatory:

  • Notarized copy of passport.
  • Original or Certified copy of utility bill proving the Applicant's residential address (up to 3 months old).
  • Bank reference letter (up to 3 months old).
  • Signed Application Form.
  • Biography (CV).

In the event where the company director(s) or shareholder(s) are legal entities, please provide:

A set of legalized company documents consisting of:

  • Copy of all corporate documents (Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Directors, etc., including any trust deeds etc.,).
  • Corporate Structure showing the Company's connection with the ultimate beneficial owner(s).
  • Copy of Corporate Register.
  • Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Incumbency issued by the company secretary.


  • All documents must be in English, or translated in English language with the translator's name and contact details (including telephone number) to be clearly stated.