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British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Formation
British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Formation
Cyprus Company Formation
Cyprus Company Formation
Marshall Islands Company Formation
Marshall Islands Company Formation
Seychelles Company Formation
Seychelles Company Formation
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UAE - Company Formation
United Kingdom Company Formation
United Kingdom Company Formation

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Mauritius (GBC2) Company Formation

Mauritius (GBC1) Company Formation

Category 1 licence enables a company to access Mauritius’ comprehensive network of double taxation agreements. Qualification is achieved through local management and control, and payment of Mauritius corporation tax. The standard tax rate is 15% although generous credit relief can reduce this liability significantly (as low as 3%).

Mauritius (GBC2) Company Formation

Mauritius (GBC2) Company Formation

Category 2 licence enables a company to enjoy the flexibility of the traditional International Business Company with exemption from local taxation (subject to payment of an annual licence fee) and reduced public reporting obligations, but it does not have access to the Double Taxation Agreements of Mauritius.

Seychelles Company Formation

Seychelles Company Formation

Seychelles International Business Companies (IBCs) have no tax liabilities. Through Seychelles IBCs one can conduct different industries including trade, commerce and investments. 100% foreign participation is permitted, and a high degree of confidentiality is secured, with no public registry for Shareholders, though nominee services are available. Services description: Formation and annual maintenance of an International Business Company (IBC) in Seychelles, with or without nominee services. List of ready-made (shelf) Seychelles IBCs is available upon request.

Hong Kong Company Formation

Hong Kong Company Formation

Corporate law is based on the British Legal System. Hong Kong has a bustling free market economy, a large proportion of which is dependent on international trade. No tax on offshore profits. Local profits tax rate @16.5%. Shareholders and directors are in a public registry. Beneficial ownership is confidential.

Singapore Company Formation

Singapore Company Formation

A non-resident company which does not derive any income locally and does not receive income in Singapore from outside Singapore would not be liable too income tax in Singapore. Only profits that are derived from or arise in Singapore, or any foreign-sourced profits remitted back to Singapore, are subject to tax (at 17%, subject to exceptions).

Belize Company Formation

Belize Company Formation

Belize offers tax-free International Business Companies (IBCs) based on the British Virgin Islands model. The IBC is designed to be formed easily, with no tax, and with the advantage of being able to conduct its desired business worldwide. It is an independent democratic Commonwealth country located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Formation

British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Formation

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions for multiple type of operations. There are many benefits using BVI, including zero tax on income, no capital gains, no dividends tax, no sales/VAT tax, and freedom to operate worldwide. It has been a British colony in the Caribbean since 1672. With a stable self governed political structure and their own internal legislation based on a common law legal system, this territory enjoys high stability. The national currency is the U.S. Dollar and the official language in English. The International Business Company Act was passed in 1984 and created the International Business Company (IBC) which is the preferred offshore company vehicle.

Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus Company Formation

Among the benefits which accrue in using Cyprus as a corporate vehicle are: (a) EU member state, (b) low corporate taxation of 12.5% on net profits, (c) income from the sale of securities (shares, bonds, etc.) is tax free, (d) extensive Double Tax Treaty network both with capital exporting countries and emerging markets, and (e) favorable tax provisions which render Cyprus a premier holding company jurisdiction. Furthermore, 100% foreign participation is permitted, and nominee services are provided.

Gibraltar Company Formation

Gibraltar Company Formation

Gibraltar companies are subject to a tax on profits of 12.5% on any income accrued or derived in Gibraltar. In practice this means that Gibraltar companies which do not trade with other Gibraltar resident companies (or individuals) will be operating tax free. The Gibraltar Non-Resident Company is also exempted from VAT and has significant tax advantages making it a common use for holding and international trading structures.

Malta Company Formation

Maltese International Holding Companies (IHCs) and International Trading Companies (ITCs) can be used as corporate vehicles for a wide range of business activities. Corporate tax rate is at 35%, however, where a Company is owned by non-residents of Malta the effective corporate tax can be as low as 5%.

United Kingdom Company Formation

United Kingdom Company Formation

Using a UK Company may have multiple advantages, in addition to its' great reputation. Corporate taxation can be from 20% up to 23%. The most popular entity is the Private Limited Liability Company, though Limited Liability Partnerships are also frequently being used. Company registration can take place within hours, and we take care all statutory registers including printed and digital documentation of all corporate documents, and on-going support including full board meeting documentations. Preparation of Financial Statements and submission of annual returns is required; UK has also introduced the Beneficial Owners' Public Registry.

UAE flag

UAE - Company Formation

The legal framework of the United Arab Emirates is based on both the civil code and Islamic Shari'a law. The UAE federal constitution permits the division of powers between the federal government and the governments of each Emirate. As a result, each Emirate's local administration is allowed to control local issues that are not covered by federal law. As a result, each Emirate continues to hold major authority over the regulation of business operations, the registration and incorporation of corporate entities, and the issuance of trade licenses insofar as those activities are not covered by federal law.

WHY in the UAE?

  • A tax free and business friendly environment
  • A politically stable place with rapidly
  • A developing economy
  • No foreign exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers
  • Registered business address in UAE
  • Identity of shareholders is kept confidential by law
  • 100% foreign ownership

Marshall Islands Company Formation

Marshall Islands Company Formation

The Marshall Islands is a zero tax jurisdiction that statutorily exempts non-resident domestic corporations and their assets from taxation. Entity formation is simple and corporate documents can be issued in one day. No requirements for submission of financial statements and secures high level of confidentiality. 100% foreign participation is permitted; nominee services are available.

New Zealand Company Formation

New Zealand Company Formation

New Zealand has the most business-friendly regulations in the world, as measured by the World Bank’s Doing Business.

All you should know about Company Formations

Our services include:

  • Name approval and registration,
  • Company Incorporation,
  • Payment of all Government Fees,
  • Registered office address,
  • Local/registered agent (where applicable),
  • Appointment of company Secretary,
  • Rubber stamp.

Packages include the following set of corporate documents:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association,
  • Certificate of Incorporation,
  • Certificates of Directors, Secretary and Registered Office (where applicable),
  • Appointment of First Directors & Directors' Consents,
  • Share Certificate(s),
  • Company Corporate Register,
  • Certificate of Company Status signed by a lawyer,
  • Trust Deeds, where a trustee/nominee shareholder is appointed.

All above mentioned documents are sent via courier, in a prestigious Corporate Box.

For each beneficial owner, shareholder and director:

  • Notarized copy of passport,
  • Original or Certified copy of utility bill proving the beneficial owner's, shareholder's or director's residential address (up to 3 months old),
  • Bank reference letter (up to 3 months old),
  • Signed Company Formation Instructions Form (to be provided upon submission of request),
  • Signed Client KYC Due Diligence Questionnaire (to be provided upon submission of request),
  • Signed Terms & Conditions and Services Agreement (to be provided upon submission of request),
  • Biography (CV).

In the event where the company director(s) or shareholder(s) are legal entities, please provide: A set of legalized company documents consisting of:

  • Copy of all corporate documents (Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Directors, etc., including any trust deeds etc.),
  • Corporate Structure showing the Company's connection with the ultimate beneficial owner(s),
  • Copy of Corporate Register,
  • Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Incumbency issued by the company secretary.


  • All documents must be in English, or translated in English language with the translator's name and contact details (including telephone number) to be clearly stated.

Through educated, trained, motivated, and highly experienced team of lawyers, consultants and corporate managers, AGP Law is a global Service Provider delivering personal and tailored made solutions and corporate services, fiduciary and trustee services, consultation and corporate advisory, management and administration services to our clients.

A Truly International, Multi-Awarded Personal Services Provider

AGP Law's Corporate & Fiduciary Services Team is a truly International "Personal" Service Provider, highly experienced and specialized on trust, fiduciary and corporate administration and governance.  We aim on delivering personal services on a highly motivated environment.

Compliant to Local and International Standards & Regulations 

Being regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association and being a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), AGP is not only in compliance with domestic laws as to corporate services obligations and assurances, but also at an International level.   

Through our Firm's combination of corporate lawyers, tax advisors, compliance consultants and corporate managers we are offering a unique set of skills towards our Clients' best interests and protection.   

Corporate Services include:

  • International Company Formations and Readily available "Shelf" companies,
  • Corporate Management & Administration,
  • Appointment of Nominee Directors, Trustee Shareholders & Secretaries,
  • Local Agency services & Registered Office Addresses,
  • Virtual Offices & Business Address,
  • International Bank Account Opening Services (please refer at the Bank Account Opening section of this website),
  • Maintenance of statutory books and records,  
  • Organization of Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM), 
  • Preparation of minutes for Board of Directors and Shareholders meetings, including drafting of all kind of resolutions,   
  • Translation of documents, notarization and Apostil certifications,
  • Issuing of all types of corporate certificates (such as certificates of incumbency, corporate certificates, certificates of good standing etc.)
  • Other secretarial services.

Our Corporate Services Team provides readily available (shelf) companies registered in multiple jurisdictions all over the world for an immediate use, saving you the time of incorporation and preparation of documents.  We have a list of Cyprus, BVI, Belize, Seychelles, Honk Kong, and many more, readily available companies at all times, of different business models and operations, as well as of different years of incorporation in order to satisfy any requirements our clients may have.

What is a 'Shelf' Company?

Ready-made or shelf (or off-the shelf) companies are companies which have already been registered by us.  The lists of these companies which are available upon request, as well as the available jurisdictions for incorporation, may change on a daily basis as new companies are constantly registered and existing companies sold.  These companies have never undertaken any transactions or trading; they have no obligations or liabilities.  All incorporation documents of these companies have been kept "on shelf" under our custody, since their day of incorporation.  The company names reflect all types of business such as Holding, Trading, Consulting etc.

Why a Ready-Made / Shelf Company?

The reason for purchasing a Ready-Made company is for circumstances where a company, or the registration number of the company, is urgently needed, and the client has no time to spare for the incorporation of a new company.  Such circumstances may be for example, in the case where urgent signing of an agreement is required, or for a quick transaction.  Also, aged companies may provide additional advantages such as, for obtaining a bank loan or a lease, for example. 

Important Information about Ready-Made / Shelf Companies

  1. Companies which are marked as "pending" mean that they are already filed with the Companies' Registrar and they are awaiting incorporation within the next few days.  Such companies may be reserved and paid in advance.
  2. The price of Ready–Made companies depends on the age of the company and its jurisdiction.  Older Companies will be more expensive than recently-registered companies.
  3. After ordering a Ready-Made company, you must complete the relevant Due Diligence and Know your Client (KYC) procedures, and we must have received full payment, in order to complete the process and  have the company sent to you.  Please contact us so you can instantly order and settle payment of your company.
  4. For Ready-Made companies, the next annual renewal payment (Registered Office Address and other annual maintenance fees if applicable) may become due and payable sooner than one year from the date of purchase. This is due to the period of time that has already elapsed since the initial date of incorporation of the shelf company and the date of actual purchase of the shelf company.
  5. We strongly recommend that you avoid conducting any business transactions in the name of the new Company before you have received the original documents.