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"What makes AGPLAW's banking and finance practice unique, is the range of expert professionals they employ, as each one of them excels in their field" - Legal500 2023. ed.

AGPLAW is a trusted provider of banking and finance legal services since our inception in 2006. With our expertise and dedication, we are known for delivering comprehensive solutions to meet the complex needs of our clients in the financial sector. Whether you are a bank, a financial institution, or an individual seeking legal guidance, we are here to navigate the intricacies of the ever-evolving financial landscape.

We offer comprehensive transactional support services tailored to the unique needs of our clients in the banking and finance sector. We have significant experience in providing valuable guidance and support for a wide range of banking and finance transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, loan agreements, structured finance, and asset-backed securities.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) - We provide expert guidance and legal support in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring within the banking and finance industry. Our team assists in due diligence, negotiation and in the drafting of transactional documents, regulatory compliance, and closing procedures.
  • Securities Offerings - When it comes to securities offerings, we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. We assist clients in structuring, negotiating, and documenting public and private securities offerings, including initial public offerings (IPOs), debt issuances, and private placements, while ensuring compliance with securities laws and regulations.
  • Loan Agreements - We are well-versed in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing various types of loan agreements, including syndicated loans, asset-based lending, project finance, and real estate finance. We work closely with clients to understand their financing needs and customize loan agreements that protect their rights and mitigate risks.
  • Structured Finance - For clients involved in structured finance transactions, such as securitization, asset-backed securities, and collateralized loan obligations, we provide comprehensive legal counsel.
  • Cross-Border Transactions - In an increasingly globalized financial landscape, we have extensive experience in assisting clients with cross-border transactions. We understand the complexities of international laws, regulatory frameworks, and cultural differences that impact such deals. Our team provides strategic advice and handles the legal aspects of cross-border transactions, ensuring seamless execution and mitigating potential risks.

We assist our clients in understanding and complying with the extensive regulatory frameworks governing the banking and finance industry. Our team stays up to date with the latest regulations to ensure that your organization operates within the legal boundaries.

In terms of FS Regulatory Advice, we offer strategic advice to financial institutions, helping them navigate the complexities of EU and offshore regulatory regimes. Our lawyers will guide you through the intricacies of financial licensing, compliance audits, consumer protection, anti-money laundering (AML) measures, and other regulatory matters. For more information on our FS Regulatory Advice, you may also visit our dedicated FS Regulatory section.

In the event of disputes or legal challenges, we are ready to advocate for your interests in litigation proceedings. Our litigation teams, both in Cyprus and in the UK, have a strong track record in handling banking and finance-related disputes, including contract disputes, regulatory investigations, and enforcement actions. For more information on our Disputes & Litigation you may visit our dedicated Disputes section.

Legal500 EMEA 2023 Edition

"What makes AGPLAW banking and finance practice unique is the range of expert professionals they employ, as each one of them excels in their field".

"Having worked with AGPLAW for so many years now it’s easy to recognize and see their strengths and key capabilities which include speed and attention which you do not usually get comparing to other firms".

"From what I have witnessed they are always investing in their people, innovative technology as well as CSR which is admirable and you do not see it every day and I think it is worth mentioning".

"The professionals that stand out for me are Angelos Paphitis with whom we have had an outstanding cooperation for so many years now. He is a get-it-done kind of professional, which I respect and admire."

"The team of lawyers and consultants I work with are always on point, they have very strong and solid knowledge of their field. What makes AGPLAW stand out from competitors is their priority for always putting their clients’ needs first, which I strongly value and respect".

"The team is growing constantly with new highly skilled and innovative professionals joining. AGPLAW is always innovative in the way they operate as a firm especially when it comes to technology as this helps them better assist their clients which is their goal".

"I have also cooperated with Angelos Paphitis who is a strong character, with an incredible high-level of knowledge when it comes to banking and finance laws. This law firm is a new generation; they are really specialized on banking and finance – not only on legal terms but also on regulatory aspects".