Contract disputes law in Cyprus

The concept of a contract in Cyprus is a way to reduce uncertainty between two or more parties entering into some kind of relationship whether commercial or personal. This reduction in uncertainty can only be achieved by the assurance that all contractual rights and terms will be protected by the courts, judiciary and the legal profession.

A disputes litigation lawyer in Cyprus is necessary when one party to the contract does not perform in accordance to the terms in the contract (breach of contract). He or she will collect all the evidence, case law, and expert testimony in order to be able to go to court regarding the case at any time during the contractual dispute should the out of court contractual negotiations fail.  If a dispute goes to court in Cyprus, the court will hear the evidence and then decide how the contract should be interpreted and decide which party is in the wrong and which remedy or how much compensation should be given to the other party.

A good contractual disputes litigation lawyer in Cyprus will also at this time evaluate other areas of his/her clients business that could be affected and impacted by the contractual dispute in question and be able to advise his/her client as to all the necessary measures that should be taken to protect them. The terms of a contract can be heavily disputed and conditions are hardly ever concrete, this is another reason why a contractual disputes litigation lawyer is necessary as his/her legal skills are necessary when a contractual issue threatens his/her clients’ personal or business interests.

A litigation lawyer in Cyprus will provide his/her client with effective solutions to complex contract matters including those involving business-to-business, employer/employee relations, individual disputes and other types of contractual arrangements. A contractual disputes litigation lawyer will also advise his/her client on prospects and procedural options, on drafting statutory demands and claims, in conducting deeper negotiations regarding the contractual dispute, will institute and conduct recovery proceedings for losses incurred due to the contractual dispute and will provide representation in litigation in Cyprus courts, or arbitration and mediation proceedings which are alternative ways to resolve disputes without having to go into the court room.