Turicum Private Bank | Gibraltar

Turicum Private Bank is a privately owned Gibraltarian bank and asset management company, established in 1993 by a group of Swiss private bankers, lawyers, asset and fund managers. Turicum Private Bank provides bespoke financial and investment solutions for private clients, asset managers and investment funds.www.turicum.com

Package Services

Our Services include:

  • Completion of Banking forms and questionnaire
  • Preparation of package to be sent to the bank for approval
  • Promoting the account opening and being in contact with the bank up until account opening.

Additional Services

We provide bank account management services, such as:

  • Bank account signatory services
  • Maintenance of account records and on-going monitoring
  • Paying invoices and facilitating payments on behalf of our clients
  • Liaison with bank officers when required
All aforementioned services are provided at a strictly personal level, in direct communication with, and upon sufficient instructions by, the client.

Facts & Info about: Turicum Private Bank | Gibraltar

No (Minimum maintenance fee for personal and current corporate account EUR 1,000 per quarter / Funds - EUR 2500)