Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus is a natural choice for international business and is widely used in international tax planning, within and outside the European Union.

Among the benefits which accrue in using Cyprus as a corporate vehicle are: (a) EU member state, (b) low corporate taxation of 12.5% on net profits, (c) income from the sale of securities (shares, bonds, etc.) is tax free, (d) extensive Double Tax Treaty network both with capital exporting countries and emerging markets, and (e) favorable tax provisions which render Cyprus a premier holding company jurisdiction. Furthermore, 100% foreign participation is permitted, and nominee services are provided.

Incorporation Services

Formation of Limited Liability Company in Cyprus Company Formation

Package Includes:

  • Name approval and registration
  • Payment of all Government Registration Expenses
  • Registration with Cyprus Tax Department and obtaining a Cyprus tax number
  • Rubber stamp
Package includes two (2) sets of the following set of corporate documents:
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Director and Secretary
  • Certificate of Shareholders
  • Certificate of Registered Address
  • Appointment of First Directors
  • Subscription of Shareholders and Shareholders' Certificate
  • Certificate Company Corporate Register

Nominee Services

Appointment of Nominee Director(s)

The board of directors is consisted of persons who will be managing the company on its' day-to-day business. For a Cyprus LTD which intents to take advantage of the Cyprus low corporate tax it is vital that the board of directors meets and take its' management decisions in Cyprus, so as to ensure that the company remains Cyprus tax resident.

Appointment of Nominee Shareholder(s)

Nominee (or Trustee) Shareholders will be holding the Company's shares for the benefit, and under the instructions, of the client(s).

Appointment of Statutory Secretary

It is obligatory for all Cyprus companies to have Company Secretary appointed. A Company Secretary is responsible for the proper administration of the Company, that the regulatory requirements are met on time, to be in contact with the Registrar of Companies and other authorities and for ensuring implementation of the directors' decisions.

Provisison of Registered Office Address - Limassol, Cyprus

What is a registered office address?

A registered office is a legal requirement for all Cyprus Companies. It is the official address of the Company and can be different to that of your usual trading address. The address will be used by the Registrar of Companies, Inland Revenue and other Government bodies to deliver statutory letters and legal notices.

Provision of Registered Office Address does not include telephone line and telephone answering services, collection of correspondence and provision of utility bill.   For such type of services please visit the Virtual Offices section of this website.

Additional Services

General Power of Attorney issued by the director for the benefit of the client(s), valid for 12 months.

A General Power of Attorney grants the client, or an agent of the client, with broad powers to represent, and act for, the Company before third parties, authorities and institutions.

Special Power of Attorney issued by the director for the benefit of the client(s), valid for 12 months.

A Special Power of Attorney, also known as Limited Power of Attorney, grants the client, or an agent of the client, with particular authority to represent, and act for, the Company for particular, specified, matter (i.e. such as for the opening of bank account in XXX Bank or for the execution of a particular agreement).

For receiving and forwarding correspondence, letters etc.

Certificate issued by the Company secretary verifying the Company’s current status.

Issued by the Inland Revenue.

An application must be filed to the Accounts/Companies Department of the District Tax Office where the company requesting the Certificate has its tax file.

Issued by the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver A Certificate of Good Standing is a certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies confirming that the Company has met its' statutory obligations and that it is duly registered and validly existing.

A third set – two sets are included with the company formation package.

Such a third set of company documents includes the entire bundle of corporate documents and comes certified by Advocate, notarized and affixed with apostil.

Please click to choose this service and after submitting your Company Formation request please refer to the Corporate | Bank Account Opening section of this website.

Please click to choose this service and after submitting your Company Formation request please refer to the Corporate | Virtual Offices section of this website.

Facts & Info about: Cyprus Company Formation

  • Minimum Share Capital: One share
  • Minimum Number of Shareholders: One
  • Minimum Number of Directors: One
  • Bearer Shares: Not allowed
  • Corporate Directors Permitted: Yes
  • Company Secretary Required: Yes
  • Shelf Companies & Approved Names Available: Yes
  • Possible Name Endings: Limited, LTD

  • Registered Office in Cyprus: Yes
  • Local Directors: No (But, a Cyprus company is resident for tax purposes in Cyprus if the management and control of the company is carried out in or from Cyprus. Management and control means that all important decisions regarding the Company are taken in Cyprus, the majority of the Board of Directors are Cyprus residents and the meetings of the Board of Directors take place in Cyprus. Companies which are classified as Cyprus tax resident take advantage of all Cyprus tax benefits).
  • Local Secretary: No
  • Local Meetings: No (see above, for "management and control" requirements).
  • Government Register of Directors: Yes
  • Government Register of Shareholders: Yes

  • Submission of Annual Returns: Yes
  • Submission of Audited Accounts: Yes

  • Annual License Fee (Special Levy): EUR 350, payable every June
  • Corporate Income Tax: 12,5% on net profits of Cyprus resident company, or 0% for Cyprus non-resident company
  • Capital Gains Tax: 20% on immovable property situated in Cyprus, 0% on movable property (other than shares representing immovable property situated in Cyprus).

Average 10 days

Available - Immediate delivery.

The shareholders/subscribers of the company sign the Memorandum & Articles of Association which is then submitted with the Registrar of Companies for the registration of the company.

Upon registration, the Registrar issues a Certificate of Incorporation, together with the Certificates of Directors and Secretary, Shareholders and Registered Office Address. The original documents are in Greek language but the certificates can be issued in either Greek or English language according to the request.

The Companies Law, CAP 113