Cyprus & Spain | Agreement on the Mutual Protection of Classified Information

The Press and Information Office of Cyprus has published a press release announcing that on the 19th of January the Republic of Cyprus, represented by the Ambassador Mr. Antonis Toumazis and the Kingdom of Spain, represented by the Secretary of State, Director of National Intelligence Centre, Mr Félix Sanz Roldán  have signed an agreement on the Mutual Protection of Classified Information in Madrid, at the Spanish National Intelligence Centre.

Although the provisions of the agreement between Cyprus and Spain have not been made available yet, please note that the objective of such agreements is to promote and enhance co-operation between the States by providing guidelines for the protection, transmission and handling of classified information between the Parties or any legal or physical persons under the jurisdiction of the concerned States.

Classified Information can be any information, document, material or knowledge that can be communicated and transmitted in any form and to which a security classification level has been applied and which has been marked as such (classified) according to the national laws of the Parties.