Cyprus Traffic Offences and Penalties

Cyprus Legislation on extrajudicial traffic offences was updated in November 2010 and in June 2012 (for speeding and drunk driving offences).

If a driver commits an offence he may be subject either to a fine and/or point penalties and if the offence is deemed serious then the court will decide. On accumulating twelve penalty points the courts will normally suspend the driving licence, disqualifying thereby the driver from driving. Penalty points are removed three years after the day on which they were imposed.

Below follow some of the most common offences.

Offences related to speeding:

Speed over the limit   Fine Penalty Points 
 up to 30%  fine €1 per km/h  0 – 2
 from 31% to 50%  fine €2 per km/h  2 – 4
 from 51% to 75%  fine €3 per km/h  3 – 6
more than 75%  determined by the court   3 – 6

Offences related to drunk driving: 

The limit is at 22 mg per 100 ml.  Over 22 mg per 100 ml constitutes an offence and the following penalties apply:

 Offence  Fine  Penalty Points
23 to 35 mg   €100   0 – 2
36 to 55 mg   €200   2 – 4
56 to 70 mg €300   3 – 6
71 mg   Prison or fine between €150  to €400  to be determined by the court  3 – 6

Other Common Offences:

 Offence  Fine Penalty Points 
 Holding a mobile phone while driving €85    2 – 4
 Eating or drinking while driving €85    
 Seat belt (omission) €85    

Document Offences:

  • If a driver does not have a driving licence or insurance or has not paid No driving licence or no insurance
  • No road tax
  • No MOT (Biannual vehicle inspection)
  • Registration Plate – Number plate infringements. Police have power to detain and remove vehicles not complying with the regulations – fine €85
  • Failing to notify change of ownership or sale of vehicle within 30 days – fine

This is not a comprehensive list of all the possible traffic offences in Cyprus.

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