CySEC | Renewal of Registrations in the Public Register of Certified Persons

On the 18th of January, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission issued an announcement regarding the procedure for the renewal of registrations in the public register of certified persons.

If you have passed the CySEC examinations,  please keep in mind the following:

Deadline of annual renewals:

  • End of February

Requirements for the renewal:

  • Submission to CySEC of a statement of continued professional training on relevant topics of a duration of:
    • Five (5) hours, if you have passed the basic examination;
    • Ten (10) hours, if you have passed the advanced examination.
  • Payment of the annual renewal fee of 80 EUR.

Penalties in case of failure to comply with the aforementioned deadline:

  • 50% of the renewal fee will be added to the initial fee.

Penalties in case of failure to proceed to the renewal:

  • Automatic deletion from the public register.

Please note that if you were registered in the Public Registry for the first time in 2015, then you are required to renew your registration for the first time in 2017.

What steps should you take, if you wish to renew your registration for 2016?

  1. Complete the required Continued Professional Training hours according to the level of the examination you have passed (basic or advance)
  2. Proceed to the submission of the renewal form to CySEC.
  3. Proceed to the payment of the renewal fee (80 EUR):
    • Online (via jccsmart)
    • By bank deposit
    • By cheque (to CySEC)

Please note that it is essential to mention your CN number on your payment.

Source: The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)