Debt collection in Cyprus

A debt collection litigation lawyer in Cyprus generally practices in the areas of commercial and retail debt collection litigation and can represent both the debtors and the creditors of a case.  The debt collection litigation lawyer must be aggressive, resourceful and extremely persistent especially when defending and enforcing creditors’ rights in Cyprus. Usually clients include banks, small businesses, financial companies, small time lenders, landlords, individuals and many others. During difficult financial times, a great number of individuals and corporations fall behind on paying their debts and debts collection litigation lawyers are in high demand.

A debt collection litigation lawyer representing the debtor in Cyprus, represents individuals or businesses who have been sued or harassed by debt buyers. Here a debt collection litigation lawyer is necessary in order to prevent the client from being victimized by debt collectors.  A debt collection litigation lawyer in Cyprus is an expert in the court room procedures involved in debt collection rules which may be confusing to the individual, and ensures that his/ her client follows all procedures on time and without delay. Usually once a complaint is filed and served to the defendant, the defendant has few days to file a response in Cyprus, all of which can be done on time by a debt collection litigation lawyer.

The debt collection litigation lawyer in Cyprus also represents the creditors who are seeking for the debt collection litigation lawyer to give expert legal advice in order for what is owed to the them to be collected, especially when the case is more complex and the debtor files for bankruptcy. Here the debt collection litigation lawyer must be an expert in debt collections and the enforcement of judgements, pre-judgement attachments and receiverships.

The debt collection and litigation lawyer in Cyprus will firstly attempt to obtain a judgement against the debtor in order to then be able to conduct the necessary and relevant in depth investigations into an asset search so as to be able to turn the judgement into actual money execution.  Debt collections can not only be enforced in Cyprus but judgments may be executed abroad as well.  In other words even though a debt may be created in Cyprus but the debtor is later on moving out of the country, a debt collection lawyer may proceed with filing of a court action in Cyprus, serve the defendant abroad, then have the judgment issued in Cyprus and thereafter have it executed at the debtors country or state of residence.