Degrees of consanguinity on inheritance | Cyprus

Do you know the degrees of consanguinity that are taken into account for the calculation of an inheritance?

According to the provision of the Law on Wills and on Succession (Cap. 195, s. 44) a person becomes an inheritor if he/she has a consanguinity relationship up to the 6th degree with the deceased person.

When a person passes away leaving behind them a spouse, the said spouse is entitled to a share on the inheritance, after the payment of any debts and obligations.

The other relatives have rights on the inheritance according to the provision of the Law. For further information, please contact your lawyer.

The Law determines the consanguinity degrees as follows:


1 Children Parents
2 Siblings Grandchildren


3 Grandchildren Uncles/Aunts Nephews/Nieces 


4 First Cousin Grandfather’s siblings

Grandfather’s/Grandmother’s parents 

5 First Cousin’s child Grandfather’s siblings  Great-grandfather’s/Great-grandmother’s parents Great-grandfather’s/Great-grandmother’s siblings 
6 Great-Grandfather’s/Great-Grandmother’s sibling’s child Second Cousin