Employment and employer’s liability in Cyprus is a greatly debated and discussed subject that deals with the area of vicarious liability. Vicarious liability is a form of liability which is secondary, meaning that a person is responsible for the acts of third parties or their subordinate. It is this doctrine of law that is used when discussing the liability of an employer and the acts of his subordinate i.e. his/ her employee.

Courts have held that employers are liable for injuries and wrongful actions of their employees towards other co-workers or customers if these wrongful acts were committed within the scope of employment and while the employee was carrying out the company’s business. They are also liable for breaches of statutory duty as well as breaches of legal obligations. When confronted with such a case, an employment and employer’s liability litigation lawyer in Cyprus has to check whether the employer exercised reasonable care to prevent and correct any wrongful behaviour of their employee and that the employee failed to take advantage of any preventative measures or corrective measures and opportunities that were provided by the employer or to avoid harm otherwise. For example, if an employee in Cyprus was subject to any kind of harassment while under employment which resulted in a hostile work environment but the employer exercised reasonable case to prevent and correct the harassment then an employer will not be liable.

An employment and employer’s liability litigation lawyer in Cyprus is necessary where claims are complicated because procedural laws vary depending on where and when one files a claim.   An employment and employer’s liability litigation lawyer can help his/ her client by determining whether there is a case and can monitor and file a case within filing deadlines. An employment and employer’s liability litigation lawyer in Cyprus will also investigate and advise his/ her client on alternative remedies that may be available to them depending on the situation on the case. Cases such as employment discrimination and sexual harassment are very serious and require the advice and counsel of an employment and employer’s liability litigation lawyer immediately.  Cases of illegal dismissal, from the employee’s point of view, or for breach of employment contract from the employer’s point of view regularly require the great and immediate attention of an employment lawyer in Cyprus.  Certain terms and conditions should also made sure to be included within employment contracts in order to protect both parties in general.  Employment contracts must be prepared and carefully be drafted by employment lawyers in Cyprus so to be in accordance with the employment laws and regulations of Cyprus.  Anyone should always seek the advice of an employment lawyer in Cyprus before entering into an employment agreement since there may be a number of issues that an employment lawyer alone may identify for the benefit of the employee but of the employer as well.