Employment Termination in Cyprus – FAQ – Part I

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Employment Termination – Frequently Asked Questions

The Law regulating the termination of employment (24/1967) provides for the rights and obligations of employers and employees in matters relating to the termination of employment.

What is the Court / Authority dealing with employment disputes?

The Court of Labor Disputes deals with all cases regarding termination of employment. The Law applies to employees of the private and of the public sector, including apprentices, but not to the employees of the Government of the UK (employed in the military bases of Akrotiri, Episkopi etc.).

What is the length of the termination notice?

According to the Article 9(1) of Law 24/67, the Employer intending to dismiss an employee, who has been employed for a period of at least 26 weeks,  has to provide him with a notice prior to the termination of employment.

The notice duration depends on the employment period.

Notice of Termination of Employment, from Employer to Employee
Weeks of Employment Minimum Notice Period

0 – 25

No notice

26 – 51

1 week

52 – 103

2 weeks

104 – 155

4 weeks

156 – 207

5 weeks

208 – 259

6 weeks

260 – 311

7 weeks

over 312

8 weeks

Under what circumstances is the employer entitled to terminate the employment of an employee without notice?

  • The employee is on a probation, the duration of which cannot exceed 104 weeks.
  • Serious breakdown of the relationship between employer – employee due to the employee’s misconduct.
  • Commitment of serious offences
  • Commitment of a crime during his/her employment, without the employer’s approval
  • Inappropriate behavior.
  • Serious and/or repeated violation of employment rules.

Is the employer under the obligation to give a letter of termination of employment?

No, however, the employer has to provide the employee with a letter stating his/her employment period and duties.

Are all employees entitled to compensation in case of illegal termination or redundancy, independently of their age?

In order to claim the compensation, the employee should file an application to the Court of Labor Disputes. If before the termination occurs after the retirement age, then the employee is not entitled to compensation. However, it is to be noted, that the employee is entitled to termination notice.