All about Dealing in Investments Licence in the BVI

Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the British Virgin Islands.

  • Dealing in investments as Agent
  • Dealing in investments as Principle
  • Arranging Deals in Investments
  • Execution of orders
  • Reception and transmission of orders
  • Dealing on own account
  • Underwriting and placing instruments on firm commitment basis or without a firm commitment basis

  • The Applicant must be a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.
  • No paid up capital requirement however proof of US$1,000,000 Financial Standing is needed for shareholders (there is no requirement to attach a fixed monetary value to each share but the Regulator requires proof that the shareholder(s) have capital adequacy to back up the company if needed).
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance is required.  Insurance companies provide a quote upon receipt of full information about the company, including the company’s structure, services to be provided, clients etc.
  • The time-frame for application approval is at the Regulator’s discretion.
  • Two directors are required who are fit and proper for the position.
  • A local director is not required.  The directors shall hold 1) an academic qualification in the disciplines of accounting, economics, finance, business, management, law and any other related discipline or/and 2) professional qualification in the aforementioned fields.  If the director does not hold any academic qualification or holds non-related academic qualification then he/she shall have a minimum of three years of related experience.   Certificates of non-bankruptcy and non-criminal record are required.
  • Compliance officer and external auditors shall be appointed.  The Compliance officer and auditors do not need to be locals however, they need to be approved by the FSC
  • The Company must have an operating office, however it is not imperative to have this operating office within the BVI.

Indicative list of services:

  • Consulting on the investment services to be undertaken, as well as on the design of the business structure;
  • BVI Company Registration with the required custom Memorandum;
  • Gathering and preparing all the required documentation, including due diligence;
  • Preparation and drafting of a custom business plan;
  • Preparation of the financial projections;
  • Advisory on AML and Compliance matters;
  • Assistance on appointment of directors and/or other staff, including assistance on the preparation of the company shareholder, director and senior management questionnaires;
  • Completion of the Application Form and ensuring that all documentation is in order;
  • Submission of the application to the BVI FSC;
  • Following up, responding to queries during the process of assessment by the FSC:
  • Bank account opening;
  • Appointment of Compliance/AML Office and External Auditors.

The above list is indicative and non-exhaustive, as the required services may vary depending on the specifics of your case.

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