How can you legally change your name in Cyprus?

What is the procedure?

Cypriot citizens have the right to submit an application for name and/or surname change, correction of errors, additions etc. to the competent authorities (i.e. to the District Administration Offices).

According to the provisions of article 43 of the Civil Registry Law, the concerned person has to submit the following:

  • Affidavit in the prescribed form, accompanied by details on the requested change of name and/or surname and
  • The required fee payment of 80 EUR.

Provided that the Registrar deems the testimony satisfying, then he/she can proceed to:

  • the registration of the name/surname in case one of those has not been already given to the child at the time of the entry;
  • the entry of an additional name and/or surname;
  • the change of the name and/or surname.

Is there a limit to the number of names and/or surnames?

Yes, it is to be noted that under no circumstances should the total number of the first names be more than three and the total number of surnames more than two.

Are there any additional requirements for the name/surname change of a minor?

In case the name and/or surname change is submitted on behalf of a minor person, the affidavit must be signed by both parents, unless parental care has been granted by court order only to one parent. In this case, the relevant court order must be submitted.

Does the Law specify the acceptable reasons for name/surname change?

Although the Law does not specify the reasons that can be used as acceptable grounds for the name/surname change, the authorities should be convinced among others that there is not criminal intent in order to approve the name change request.

Surname change after marriage or divorce

In cases of surname change after marriage, it is essential to submit the marriage certificate and in case of divorce, please note that the surname change is not automatic and the concerned person is expected to follow the specified in the Law procedure (affidavit etc.)

The above information is provided for general purposes only and cannot be considered as legal advice.

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