Litigation Success | Employment Law
We are proud to announce yet another Litigation success in the field of Employment Law.

On 02/03/2021, Mr. Evripidis Michaelides, Associate lawyer, supported by other members of our litigation team, following hearing have managed to secure a decision in favour of our client, Mr. E.A., awarding compensation and damages for wrongful dismissal.

Background of Matter

Our Law Firm was engaged to represent an employee against his ex-employer, Messrs. [XX] Radio Ltd, a large and reputable company within the media sector, which terminated the employment agreement of their employee without giving neither a proper justification for their decision nor the relevant notice required by the Termination of Employment Law (L.24/1967).

Our client had worked for the company for 8 consecutive years, being in a managerial position for a large portion of his employment before it was terminated without the relevant notice required by the law in 2014. We proceeded to file a labour dispute action with the Industrial Disputes Tribunal located in Limassol.

The opposing side claimed there was a justified reason for the abrupt termination of his employment using the Director of the company as a witness to demonstrate their case. Our side managed, through extensive cross-examination, to prove that the witness of the employer was unreliable hence discrediting the justification of the employment termination without notice.


In view of the above, the court decided that due to the unreliability of the employer’s witness the witness statement could not be accepted as evidence and there was no justified reason shown to terminate the employee’s agreement without the notice period, therefore, termination of our client’s employment was deemed illegal and on 02/03/2021 a decision was issued by the Limassol Industrial Disputes Tribunal in favour of our client.

The District Court of Limassol awarded in favour of our client (a) compensation for unfair dismissal from employment (b) amount corresponding to the period of the notice that should have been given by the employer in accordance to the provisions of the Law 24/1967 (c) amount corresponding to accrued salary, and (d) legal costs.