Why the Marshall Islands for Company Formation?

The Corporate Registry of the Republic of the Marshall Islands offers trustworthy and quality offshore services.  Why are often being asked from clients questions such as “why in the Marshal Islands?” or “what advantages can the Marshall Islands provide?” and “what can a Marshall Islands offshore company be used for?”

The intention of the brief information sheet is to give you answers to the above questions. Therefore:

Why in the Marshall Islands?

  • The Marshall Islands legislation is modeled on the US State of Delaware corporate law;
  • The cost for Marshall Islands offshore company is the same as other offshore jurisdictions (such as BVI, Belize etc);
  • All Marshall Islands offshore companies are statutorily exempt from taxes;
  • Absolute confidentiality of shareholders, members, directors and officers is guaranteed; no disclosure whatsoever is required in the Marshall Islands;
  • Well established business facilities;
  • Corporate documents, including good standing certificates, are issued the same day and can be delivered in 2 days, to you;
  • Share capital can be in any currency;
  • Allows redomiciliation both into and our of the jurisdiction.

Advantages of the Marshall Islands

  1. Zero tax jurisdiction (tax haven);
  2. Redomiciliation available;
  3. Low cost;
  4. One day formation and shelf companies available;
  5. Absolute confidentiality guaranteed;
  6. Apostiles available.

What can a Marshall Islands company be used for?

  • Holding and asset Management;
  • Tax minimization
  • Vessel ownership
  • Real and Intellectual property holdings
  • Operating in Financial services (currently, financial services are not regulated at the Marshall Islands; for more information please visit the FS Licensing section of this website).

For a company formation at the Marshall Islands you may proceed through the Company Formation section of this website.