Redomiciliate your Company to the Marshall Islands

Redomiciliate your Company to the Marshall Islands

When the international tax landscape evolves, your business  must be quick to adapt its tax planning strategy and take all the necessary actions.

Such an action could be the redomiciliation of an existing company i.e. its transfer from its current jurisdiction to another one with more favourable conditions such as the Marshall Islands. 

Please note that the redomiciliated companies enjoy the same benefits as the rest of the Marshall Islands companies that have been incorporated there (i.e. high level of confidentiality, zero taxation, competitive prices etc.)

In order to redomiciliate to the Marshall Islands, the concerned company must comply with the Business Corporations Act and more specifically with the provisions of section 127, which require the proper filing of Articles of Domestication and Articles of Incorporation.

Our Corporate Team can provide you with the comprehensive list of the details that must be included in the aforementioned documents.

Furthermore, please note that at the moment of the application the following documents must be submitted as well:

  • A certified copy of the Memorandum, Articles, Charter, or any other relevant document that governs the operation of the legal entity, issued by the competent government authority.
  • A recent proof of the foreign company’s legal existence:
    • either by an official document issued by a public authority (i.e. Certificate of Good Standing) or if this option is not available:
    • a lawyer exercising in the jurisdiction must certify that the company legally exists.

The documents that are in a foreign language must be translated in English and certified by a qualified translator.

Furthermore, please note that the AGP Corporate Team can redomiciliate an existing company to the Marshall Islands directly without the assistance of any intermediaries. This can ensure additional confidentiality in comparison to other offshore jurisdictions as the beneficial owners’ details are not disclosed to the Registrar or to any third parties (i.e. agents). For further information, you can contact directly our team.