Scottish Limited Partnership | Fact Sheet

Scottish Limited Partnership | Fact Sheet

The Scottish Limited Partnership, regulated by the Partnership Act of 1890, has a legal personality, distinct from than of its partners, unlike the partnerships in the rest of the UK. Scottish Limited Partnerships are frequently used as investment vehicle and/or for family estate planning purposes.

Furthermore, Scottish Limited Partnerships that consist of non-UK residents and with no business activities in the UK are not taxable in the UK, but in the jurisdiction of their residence.

Corporate Requirements



 not applicable


Minimum two: at least one General and one Limited partner.

The General Partners are responsible for the management of the entity and are liable for all its debts and obligations, while the Limited Partners do not participate in the management and are liable only up to the extent of their capital contributions.

Partners can be either physical or legal persons.

Minimum Capital

Two (2) GBP

Registered Office

Yes, in Scotland.

Location of Meetings of Partners

Anywhere in the world

Personal Presence

Not required

Nominee Partners


Name of the Legal Entity

Must end in “Limited Partnership” or “L.P.”

Restricted Words


“Assurance”, “Bank”, “Building Society”, “Royal”, “Trust Company”, “Trustee Company” (justification/licensing is required)


Tax/Financial Requirements



 Fiscally Transparent

Account Filing

 Not Required

Annual Return Filing

 Not Required


 Not Required



Exchange Control


Trading Restrictions





The above information is provided for general purposes only. For legal advice or to register a Scottish Limited Partnership you can contact our team.