Social Insurance Scheme in Cyprus (overview)

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Who can/should be insured under the Social Insurance Scheme in Cyprus?

Every person working in the Republic of Cyprus either as an employee or a self-employed person must be insured under the Social Insurance Scheme.

In case one’s employment was terminated, can continue being insured on a voluntary basis, provided that their actual insurance exceeds 1 insurance point (on the annual amount of basic insurable emoluments).

It is also to be noted that Social Insurance contributions for the persons serving in the National Guard are payable by the Republic of Cyprus.

How is the Social Insurance Scheme financed?

The Social Insurance Scheme is financed by the employers, the insured persons and the State. Their contributions are calculated on the insurable emoluments and the applicable rates are the following (since 2014):


 Contribution to the Redundancy Fund









Please note that the rates are subject to changes (the following change is expected to take place in 2019).

What are benefits provided by the Social Insurance Scheme and who is entitled to them?

  • Unemployment benefit
  • Sickness benefit
  • Retirement pension (due to old age)
  • Invalidity pension
  • Funeral grant
  • Widow’s pension
  • Orphan’s benefit
  • Missing person’s allowance
  • Maternity grant
  • Maternity allowance
  • Employment injury benefit, which includes the following:
    • injury benefit (temporary incapacity)
    • disability benefit
    • death benefit

Is there a deadline for the submission of claims for benefits?


Deadline for submission of application forms

 Maternity grant

12 months

 Funeral grant

 12 months

 Maternity allowance

 12 months

 Sickness benefit

 21 days

 Missing person’s allowance

 21 days

 Invalidity pension

 3 months

 Retirement pension

 3 months

 Widow’s pension

 3 months

 Orphan’s benefit

3 months

Injury benefit

 21 days

Disability benefit

 3 months

Death benefit

 3 months

Is it possible to appeal a decision of the Social Insurance Services?

In case you are not satisfied with the decision of the Social Insurance Services, it is possible to appeal against it.

  1. You can submit an application to the Minister of Labour and Social Security within 15 days, after having received the decision.
  2. If you are unsatisfied with the Minister’s decision, it is possible submit an application to the Court  within 75 days after receiving the relevant notification. It is also possible to file directly a claim at the Court.

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