A workers compensation lawyer in Cyprus is required when a worker is injured or dies during job.  This injured worker or a deceased worker’s family may be entitled to compensation in order to recover damages due to the direct result of negligence at the workplace. When requesting the advice and consultation of a worker’s compensation lawyer in Cyprus, the lawyer will first review the day to day danger that the worker faces in conducting his/her job as the level of risk directly affects the level and amount of compensation that may be obtained for his/her client. Some professions require a worker to risk their life daily just to perform their daily tasks. In this situation the workers compensation will be of a higher amount to that of someone who for example accidently tripped on water in a safe office environment.

The specific applications and proceedings involved in attempting to claim negligence on the part of an employer in Cyprus is complex and therefore a worker’s compensation lawyer is required in order to make sure a worker takes all the necessary and proper steps are taken and that his/ her legal rights are upheld.

Workers compensation litigation lawyers in Cyprus are necessary in reducing the litigation against employers as most cases are settled through skilled negotiation and evidence provided outside of court and are necessary in order to provide replacement income and medical care for employees who have been injured on the job.  A serious medical injury may require costly health care or create permanent injury that may require lifestyle changes e.g. amputation. In the event of death, though compensation will not compensate for the loss of a loved one, the deceased’s family may be assisted on moving on with their lives with the money received from compensation.

Though there are means for a worker to file a complaint without the use of a worker’s compensation lawyer in Cyprus, sometimes an employer’s response is not favourable and the chances of receiving the compensation the worker deserves is reduced, therefore having a workers’ compensation lawyer to uphold all the workers’ rights, investigate all the facts, documentation, data, contracts involved in the case, and achieve the maximum compensation possible for his/her client is favourable. A workers compensation lawyer in some cases may be paid on a contingency fee basis i.e. no win no fee.