AGPLAW Internship Program 2024 | Embracing Young Aspiring Lawyers

The first week of June marks the commencement of our annual highly anticipated Internship Program, designed to nurture and guide the next generation of legal professionals while it enhances our members’ mentorship abilities and develop further our culture of responsibility.

This year, we are thrilled to welcome a group of talented students from Heritage Private School along with first year students at University of Nicosia – School of Law and Brunel University London, all of whom have expressed a strong ambition to pursue careers in law.
Over the next eight weeks these aspiring law students will be immersed in a comprehensive and enriching experience that promises to broaden their understanding of company law. Students will be introduced to AGPLAW Corporate, Transactions and Advisory department while also prompted to experience court attendance via carefully selected cases of our litigation department. They will have the prospect to review manuals, policies and procedures, collaborate and interact with skilled legal professionals from our different practices, work on ad hoc tasks, stimulating their curiosity and acknowledging the vast opportunities that exist in developing a career within law.

Program Overview

Our Human Resources department, in collaboration with the Corporate department, has crafted a comprehensive program designed to develop our intern’s knowledge, skills and attitudes with orientation on the fundamental documentation within company management and administrative services, and the transactions and advisory aspect of company law. This joint effort ensures that the program not only meets educational standards but also provides practical, hands-on experience that is crucial for budding legal professionals.
During the internship program, students will delve into a variety of corporate documents developing their understanding of global business practices and corporate services procedures across different jurisdictions. Documents consisting of certificates, POA, MM&A, articles of incorporation, bylaws, agreements and transactions, and other pivotal documents under the operations and responsibility of fiduciary service provider. This involves understanding compliance requirements, and operational practices and challenges that businesses face in different countries.
By the end of the program, the interns will have a well-rounded interaction with international corporate administration and service provisions developing important soft skills and attitudes as vital ammunition in propelling them into today’s globalized workforce with a competitive advantage.

Program Highlights

  • Duration: 4-8 weeks
  • Participants: Highschool Graduates and University Students
  • Focus Areas: Corporate Management & Administration, Company Law, Compliance
  • Learning Methods: Hands-on projects, workshops, mentorship
  • Departments Involved: HR, Corporate, Litigation
  • Award: Participation AGPLAW Certificate

Our Internship Program 2024 is more than just a learning experience; it is a stepping stone for young, ambitious students who aspire to make their mark in the legal field. We are confident that the knowledge and skills gained during this internship will lay a solid foundation for their future careers.
We look forward to witnessing the growth and development of our interns over the next eight weeks and are excited to play a role in shaping the legal professionals of tomorrow.


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