Revisions to Cypriot Citizenship by Years of Residence
Significant changes were made on the Article 111 of Civil Registry Law of 2002 by the new law 149(1)/2023.

On December 19 the law was published in the Official Government Gazette that had added additional requirements that must be met to be able to apply for naturalization.

Key points:
  • Legal and continuous residence in the Republic of Cyprus for the last 12 months on the date of application, the 90-day rule does not apply to the 12 months;
  • During the immediately previous 10 years the applicant must prove not less than 7 years of Legal residence in Cyprus;
  • The applicant must not be absent from the Republic of Cyprus for more than 90 days in a year;
  • The applicant must be of a good character: 1) Clean criminal record; 2) Entry and exit through unrecognized territories, illegally and any threat to public order and safety of the republic of Cyprus are grounds for disqualification; 3) Applicant must not show by deeds or words disrespect and disobedience to the law of the republic; 4) During any war applicant must not work and/or communicate with the enemy by engaging into any business against the Republic; 5) Has not been convicted in the republic or abroad for serious criminal offences that carries penalty of imprisonment of five years or more; 6) No sanction status must be imposed on the applicant; 7) No criminal case is pending against the applicant in the Republic or abroad that is punishable with the offence imprisonment of three years or more; 8) Does not constitute danger to public order and public security of the Republic. Provided that, in the event of his conviction;
  • Knowledge of Greek language B1 and basic elements of modern politics and social reality of the Republic is required;
  • Suitable accommodation, stable and regular financial resources that are sufficient for the maintenance of the applicant and their family members that are defendant on them must be proven for the years.

In addition to the above the applicant must show genuine interest to reside in the Republic of Cyprus.

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