AGPLAW Secures Significant Trademark Victory
AGPLAW, recently achieved a noteworthy milestone in a trademark negotiation.

The firm successfully managed a complex Intellectual Property case and has secured a favourable outcome for a valued client, marking yet another testament to its expertise in EUIPO protocols and EU Law.

In this particular case, AGPLAW was tasked with registering multiple trademarks, including one with significant worldwide market value and recognition. Recognizing potential challenges ahead, particularly from the opposition’s law firm, AGPLAW’s Intellectual Property team, led by its Managing Partner Mr. Angelos Paphitis and Senior Legal Counsel Mr. Michael Davies , approached the process with a thorough analysis of European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) protocols, EU Law in the area and the competitive marks themselves.

As expected, the registration process encountered significant opposition from prominent international specialist attorneys, prompting rigorous back-and-forth exchanges with the EUIPO and the opposition attorneys. AGPLAW’s legal team, with its specialized lawyers in trademark law engaged in constructive negotiations aimed at addressing concerns but safeguarding its client’s interests.

There was a negotiation on the refinement of the classes under which the trademark would be registered but AGPLAW successfully refused the limitation of the number of classes themselves, which protected the market value of the trademark.

AGPLAW negotiated a settlement that satisfied all concerned parties involved. Despite facing certain limitations on the trademark’s application across specific classes, the client emerged victorious, with the opposition’s law firm announcing the termination of any further opposition.

The trademark registered is part of a multi-million dollar expansion of the client’s portfolio of trademarks and is central to this expansion for its global business.

The successful negotiation to prevent the limitation of the number of trademark classes, was critical in maintaining the comprehensive protection and market value of the trademark. This aspect directly impacts the client’s market positioning and legal rights over the trademark.

It must be noted that the opposition was not only a significant hurdle but also a proof to the contentious nature of the trademark registration process in a competitive market. Engaging proactively in constructive exchanges and negotiations with the EUIPO and opposition attorneys, is vital in safeguarding the client’s interests.

By combining legal expertise with a collaborative approach, AGPLAW continues to set new standards in IP Law, earning the trust and confidence of clients across industries.

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