Litigation Successes | Interim Orders, Judgment in Favor

Two new litigation successes for the AGP Litigation team, at the Limassol District Court, of significant magnitude.

  • Successfully objected the issue of Interim Prohibitory and Mandatory Injunctions, issued ex-parte (i.e. without notice) against our clients | Representing 5 out of 14 Defendants in a legal action against a group of Cypriot, Russian, and offshore companies and individuals, for alleged fraud, deceit, and conspiracy to injure, in a claim for €25 million, and having the Claimant obtained prohibitory injunctions against our clients on an ex-parte basis (without notice), the AGP Litigation team have successfully opposed the interim orders and the court, having decided on our clients’ favor, has cancelled the interim orders and rejected the Applicants’ petition on its’ entirety.
  • Successfully represented our client, a plumber in Cyprus, who was subcontracted to a contractor who did not pay him while the paperwork wasn’t in order | Our client, having worked for three years without a properly signed contract ended up in District Court against his contractor, a well known land development company, who did not pay him for services provided during the construction of 11 projects. Despite that fact of a missing proper contract in place, our client’s position wasn’t clear but neither weak. During long hearing process the judge favoured our client’s claim who proved his position through personal timesheets, documents, notes etc., and rejected the Defendants’ defence with costs.