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Incorporation of Shipping Companies in Cyprus

Incorporation of Shipping Companies in Cyprus

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Cyprus is a renowned maritime centre offering numerous benefits and advantages for the shipping companies and/or clients who choose to establish their business and/or manage their operations from Cyprus.

One of the main benefits of a Cyprus shipping company lies in its distinct tax treatment. Unlike other businesses in Cyprus, which are taxed at a 12,5% tax rate on their earnings, ship-owing companies, ship management companies and certain types of chartering companies, if they meet certain prerequisites, may opt to be taxed under
the Cyprus tonnage tax system.

According to Cyprus relevant legislation, only lawyers licensed by the Cyprus Bar Association are entitled to prepare and sign the Memorandum, Articles of Association and the HE1 form, for the formation of a Cyprus company.

AGP Law can offer a range of legal services to shipping companies and ship management companies, including the formation and registration of shipping companies.

We can assist with the incorporation of shipping companies in Cyprus, including advising on the legal and regulatory requirements, preparing all necessary documentation and liaising with all relevant authorities.