Cyprus Science and Technology Park

On Tuesday, 29 March 2016, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus issued an invitation for tenders for the development and operation of the Science and Technology Park at Pentakomo in the district of Limassol.

What is the scope of the project?

According the announcement:

“the Government of the Republic of Cyprus supports the establishment of the Science and Technology Park (STP), as a basic infrastructure for the promotion of applied research, innovation and technology, including digital, information and communication technologies in Cyprus. It is considered as a basic tool for the promotion of entrepreneurship and smart specialization based on the above aspects.

Based on the above, the Government has decided that the Science and Technology Park in Cyprus, the first on the island, must be developed on the basis of land lease of State owned land and be financed, designed, built, managed, operated and maintained by a Strategic Investor who has the necessary experience and know how, and who will have the objective, due to his initial considerable investment, to succeed”.

Who can submit a tender?

The tender must be submitted by a legal entity with proven technical and professional ability to carry out the project. The term “legal entity” could also mean consortia of natural and/or legal entities.

When is the deadline for the submission of tenders?

Friday 29th of July 2016, 12:00 am.

You can find all the required documentation on the Cyprus e-Procurement Platform.

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