Cyprus offers a secure and convenient base for operations for various auxiliary services to the oil and gas industry.
Cyprus Energy Law & Regulatory

Cyprus Energy Law & Regulatory

The discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone has transformed Cyprus to an energy hub in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The natural gas resources recently discovered in Cyprus are expected to make a substantial contribution to the energy security and development of the region. However, in order to limit the risks that may arise from the non-sustainable exploitation of the said natural resources and regulate the environmental and economic implications of energy ventures, Cyprus has put in place a legal framework, which is being reviewed in order to reflect the changing and challenging aspects of the energy sector.

It is to be noted that the legal framework, regulating the energy sector in Cyprus, spans across multiple practice areas and includes national laws, EU regulations, as well as multilateral and bilateral agreements. Therefore we have deemed essential to proceed with the appointment of a specialized team in order to provide the most efficient solution to the challenges faced by the companies, interested in entering the energy market in Cyprus.

Our services In the energy regulatory practice encompass a range of legal advice and assistance related to Cyprus energy laws and EU regulations, and policies. With a deep understanding of Cyprus and EU energy laws, our services include:

  • Regulatory Compliance - We help clients understand and comply with the rules around energy-related laws, regulations, and administrative requirements set forth by regulatory bodies in Cyprus, including Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA), and the EU.  We guide clients through the compliance process, ensuring adherence to applicable rules and regulations.
  • Licensing and Permitting - We assist clients in obtaining the necessary licenses, permits, and authorizations required for energy-related activities in Cyprus and the EU. Our team navigates the regulatory framework, streamlining the licensing and permitting process to facilitate clients' energy projects.
  • Compliance and Enforcement - We offer counsel and representation in matters related to energy regulatory compliance, responding to regulatory investigations, audits, and enforcement actions.
  • Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies - With a focus on sustainability, we provide advice on regulatory frameworks, incentives, and compliance requirements for renewable energy projects and clean technologies.
  • Energy Market Regulation - We offer comprehensive advice on energy market regulation, including market rules, market structure, and participation in energy markets. Our team helps clients understand and navigate Cyprus and EU regulations governing wholesale electricity markets, capacity markets, and renewable energy certificate markets.

Our Energy Regulatory Practice is committed to providing tailored legal solutions that address the unique challenges of the evolving energy sector within the framework of Cyprus and EU law. We partner with clients to achieve compliance, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities in the energy market.

Our practice is driven by our ability to solicit and combine specialist expertise on a variety of areas, in order to provide the most appropriate and comprehensive solution to cases and requests relating to the energy sector.

We advise on a wide range of issues and transactions that may be required in an energy venture, such as:
  • oil & gas exploration, licensing and regulation;
  • electricity production and distribution;
  • renewable energy resources matter;
  • climate change and environmental legal aspects;
  • commercial and corporate advice on energy matters;
  • corporate structuring;
  • shareholders relationships;
  • regulatory compliance;
  • merges & acquisitions;
  • financing;
  • commercial contracts;
  • energy taxation issues;
  • dispute resolution;
  • competition matters in the energy sector etc.