We advise companies on how to fully benefit from the EU Internal Market
EU & Competition

EU & Competition

Is the activity you wish to undertake in another EU member state within the scope of the four freedoms?

Unleashing Competitive Advantage with Strategic Legal Solutions

Our firm's lawyers and consultants pride themselves on taking a dynamic and comprehensive approach to all European Union Law issues, both national and domestic. Our firm provides a complete service for our clients' requirements for legal advice in all areas of EU law in general.

Complementing this, our Competition Law Practice handles merger control, anti-competitive behavior, abuse of dominance, cartel investigations, and competition compliance across industries. With our combined expertise, we provide comprehensive solutions for clients operating within the EU framework, promoting fair competition and achieving business objectives.

At AGPLAW, we have a specialized EU Practice team dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in the field of European Union (EU) law. Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in various aspects of EU law, enabling us to offer strategic advice and guidance to companies operating within the EU Internal Market.

The Internal Market of the European Union

This area is based upon the 'four freedoms', free movement of goods, free movement of persons, free movement of services and free movement of capital. We have significant experience in advising various companies in the field of the EU Internal Market such as standardisation, the free movement of goods and free movement to provide services. We also advise in all areas related to the interpretation of EU legislation (Directive, Regulations, Decisions and standards).

EU Constitutional Law

We have experience in advising companies based in one Member State whether the activity they intend to perform in another Member State falls within the scope of the rules on the free movement of services or on the right of establishment.

General EU Law advice

There are a number of regulations/laws that affect the operation and day to day business of private enterprises. Due to our monitoring of EU Directives and our connections to law firms throughout the EU, we can offer our clients expert legal advice and understanding regarding transposing EU Directives.

Through our dedicated team on Competition Law we provide comprehensive legal services to both local and international clients in all aspects of Cyprus national and EU Competition Law.

We offer strategic advice and assistance on competition law, including:

  • Merger Control – We assist in preparing, drafting, and filing notifications for proposed mergers and acquisitions with the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition. We handle Phase I and Phase II transactions, representing clients throughout the process to secure the necessary approvals.
  • Anti-Competitive Behavior - We assist clients in dealing with complaints related to anti-competitive behavior, representing them before the Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition and other relevant bodies, including the Administrative Court of Cyprus. Our goal is to protect our clients' interests and advocate for fair competition practices.
  • Abuse of Dominance and Restrictive Practices - We provide guidance on issues concerning abuse of dominance and other restrictive practices. We help clients understand their rights and obligations under competition law and develop strategies to comply with regulations while maximizing their competitive advantage.
  • Cartel Investigations - We have extensive experience representing clients in cartel investigations. Our team assists in navigating the process, handles negotiations with competition authorities, and provides effective defense strategies.
  • Competition Compliance - We offer tailored compliance programs to ensure our clients' activities align with competition law principles. Our team conducts audits, provides training, and assists in implementing effective compliance policies and procedures to minimize legal risks.
  • State Aid - Our expertise extends to advising clients on state aid matters. We assess the compatibility of proposed state aid schemes with competition rules and represent clients in state aid investigations and recovery proceedings.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Commercial Agreements - We provide comprehensive guidance on drafting and reviewing distribution agreements and supply agreements, ensuring they adhere to competition law principles. Our aim is to help clients structure their agreements in a manner that fosters fair competition and minimizes legal risks.
  • Dawn Raids and Leniency Applications - In the event of dawn raids, we provide immediate assistance to clients, protecting their rights and guiding them through the process. Additionally, we assist clients in leniency applications, helping them take advantage of the benefits available under competition law.

Our Competition Law Practice combines extensive legal knowledge with practical experience to provide our clients with reliable advice and representation.